Windows 7 Home group setting up

  Daiol 19:08 07 May 2013

Hi.Having an issue with home group,Desktop and a laptop both running windows 7 home premium. Been trying for a couple of days to get this up and running as it should.I got the desktop up in my little office upstairs connected with ethernet, and the laptop down stairs running off wifi. Have tried all info given on google and microsoft web sites checked all boxes in creation have followed microsoft instructions to the tee. Now the problem is after connecting both to the home group the laptop will see the desktop okay,But the desktop pc will not recognise the laptop. Have changed passwords etc have come to a dead end total failure. Why wont the Desktop see the Laptop?? Any help here Please. Dai's fed up. Many Thanks in advance.

  jaywoo 21:09 07 May 2013
  Daiol 22:14 07 May 2013

jaywoo.Thanks for that link. I went through it with a fine tooth comb and double checked all my settings but without laptop showing in home group. Microsoft said it was easy to setup,Who ever said that he can come my way and show me the simple method,I cant find a solution as yet. Many thanks,maybe others will pop in with some thoughts. Thanks.

  northumbria61 10:21 08 May 2013

May be obvious but have they both got the same Home Group password?

  Daiol 12:04 08 May 2013

[May be obvious but have they both got the same Home Group password]

Hi many thanks for the input,Yes they did have the same password. Over the last few hours I've had it to work okay,Don't ask me what I did I don't know.Just rechecked and rechecked over the same method resetting the check boxes and resetting the passwords on both pc's. Well its working.Mystery if it goes wrong again I just don't know where to start. Many thanks to the both of you for your very kind thoughts on the matter,I wish I could tell you the solution. Thanks once again.Dai.

  Daiol 20:25 08 May 2013

Hi.I'm back with something simple I hope.When I open home group up on my desktop and see the laptop I get two icons. Should I have the icon that is checked in the image enclosed?? Thanks in advance ''Sorry to get back to you'' [IMG][/IMG]

  northumbria61 20:52 08 May 2013

Good to hear that things are now okay for you. I can't comment on the Icon - my Home Group page doesn't look like that but then I don't have a Home Group set up.

  MikeS1956 03:54 12 Jun 2013

Hi. I don't use Homegroups as I network XP & Win7 PC.s but I had a similar problem when I had McAfee security suite installed. Removed it & used free security software & no problems since.

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