Windows 7 Help - Can I start over without installion disc?

  DjCleary 15:18 15 Feb 2015

Hi a couple of years ago I bought a desktop computer and it came pre-installed with windows 7. As far as I am aware I didn't receive an windows disc when I got the computer. Well basically I would like to wipe my computer and start over(its becoming a bit slow and I've far too much on it!). There is nothing on the computer that I need, all my important work is on my laptop. Ive had a look online and it seems to say I need a windows disc in order to do this, is that the case? Is there any other way of going about it? Thanks for your help

  lotvic 16:10 15 Feb 2015

What is the make and model of your desktop pc? Most of them have a hidden 'restore to factory settings' partition. Or a program that runs to make a restore DVD. Using those will preserve the oem pre-activated Windows 7 and you don't need to type in a product key or worry about the correct drivers.

If you do decide to reinstall using a DVD you will have to use the product key on the sticker on the case and that will require telephone activation with MS

You can download and burn your own DVD from the official MS .iso file link on scroll down the page to the English(USA) version, get the SP1 media refresh as that already has SP1 on it and will save time and hassle when updating.

  robin_x 16:49 15 Feb 2015

I got caught out yesterday. Heidoc links have been pulled but explanation, a redirect link and page text remain.

You have to go to MS with a License key now.

Or hunt elsewhere.

*"Important Note February 2015 The download servers, and have been taken down, and all Windows OS downloads have been pulled from the Azure storage. Download from the new Recovery Centre The takedown is probably permanent to force customers to download their installation media on the new Software Recovery Centre. "*

  rdave13 16:56 15 Feb 2015

This is the link to the Microsoft Software Recovery page. One good thing about it is you enter the product key to verify it. Then at least you know the key is OK. You'll still have to activate via the phone though.

As lotvic said, if you have a recovery partition or created recovery medium, that would be the easiest way to go concerning your drivers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:05 15 Feb 2015

Make and model?

Reset to factory condition - remove any crapware that comes with it using PCdecrapifier.

Install Antivirus and malware

leave it overnight connected to windows updates

and then you should be good to go.

  lotvic 18:56 15 Feb 2015

That's a bummer about the direct downloads being withdrawn etc. Glad I d/ld a few before it happened, but it's a loss of useful resource. Bit of a faff now having to go through MS and order, anyone know if there is a charge (£'s) for this now?

  robin_x 19:22 15 Feb 2015

Dunno. But I entered my W7 Retail Upgrade License and it didn't recognise it.

I also entered my COA lapto key and it told me to get lost because it's an OEM Pre-installed license.

I have used both keys with the Heidoc SP1U download and they have been activated. It saves many hours instead of doing Factory Restore or Upgrade DVD which is 2009. Effectively SP0.

I don't need the downloads (I have various copies on my HD too). I just wanted to see what the process was.

Both my keys are for Home Premium.

  lotvic 20:26 15 Feb 2015

Thanks robintheumpteenth, I think I'll try it later on with my W7 retail key and see what happens.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:45 15 Feb 2015

Try the isos from here

  lotvic 21:57 15 Feb 2015

Nope Fruit Bat /\0/\, that doesn't work - they are the digitalriver links that are no more... links now redirect to MS page with link to the software recovery page (as per link that rdave13 gave in his post)

  lotvic 00:26 16 Feb 2015

I got MS to email me links to download my retail W7.iso file(s) 2 links one for 32bit and one for 64bit. Valid for 24 hours. Hmmm, still think it's naff that can't have any other versions to use on a trial basis.

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