Windows 7 failing to load & cannot reinstall

  Cloudhopper 21:48 30 Nov 2010

Hi - just wondering if anybody can offer any suggestions as I'm a bit stuck. Have run out of variations on a general theme of switching stuff off and on again.

Windows 7 (64 bit) is refusing to start: instead displaying the following message:

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1) Insert the Windows installation disc & restart your computer.

2) Choose your language settings, and then click 'next'

3) Click "repair your computer"

I have done attempted step 1 in 2 different ways - and each time ended up back at step 1 (no sign of the mystical step 2): The first method I tried was to first insert the Windows 7 64-bit software disc, then switch the PC off and on again sing the power switch at the front of the base unit. This led me to the same problem message as before and did not offer me the chance to execute options 2 then 3 as expected; My 2nd method was to have the disc inserted again but this time press 'Ctrl'; 'alt; 'Delete' to attempt a restart. Again whilst the PC appeared to attempt a reboot the same 3 step error message appeared.

I'm at a loss how to get the installation disc to run.

Note*: Prior to the scenario described I had seen error screens with two user options: one to carry out a repair (this failed to do run anything and produced the error already described; there was another option to load Windows 7 normally, which did the same thing.

I'm stuck now, does anybody have any suggestions on something else I can try? I have a Norton Ghost system back-up somewhere but a little reluctant to try that just yet.

All suggestions gratefully received. :-)

Regards/best wishes, hope someone can help! :-)


  lotvic 23:05 30 Nov 2010

How To Boot A Windows 7 Computer from CD/DVD for repair or reinstall click here

  Cloudhopper 16:13 05 Dec 2010

Thanks so much for getting back to me lotvic.

Whilst yes I have made some progress I'm now in unchartered territory again. Despite having a Ghost boot up option available I wasn't altogether happy with the PC configuration at the time I first ran my Ghost back ups ... so I've elected to go back to the very beginning and boot up using the Windows 7 disc.

I'm at a point now where I'm being asked a fairly basic set of questions (and possibly being a little over cautious):

1) Language to install
2) Time and currencyl format
3) Keyboard or input method.

OK so 1) is easy - only one option
2) Choose your language setting (what difference does it make if I select English 9US) versus English (UK) - I'm in the UK so my inclination is to select UK - any likely issues with that?
3) Keyboard or input method - options include US; US English Table for IBM Arabic 238_L and various weird and wonderful others ... no English UK this time. Presume it has to be US

How many more steps am I likely to encounter and is it wise for me to be installing this on my own (I'm no expert but willing to take it steady)?


  lotvic 20:01 05 Dec 2010

sounds like a normal fresh installation to me

have a look at the pictorial guide to reinstalling click here

  lotvic 20:40 05 Dec 2010

I should have said once you select UK English then the UK English option for keyboard will be there in the drop down selection box (as per the screen picture in the reinstall guides)

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