Windows 7 driver for HP Laserjet 1000

  kimtrnc 05:35 15 Dec 2009

HP are refusing to issue a new driver for this perfectly good printer, which ran perfectly in XP.

Tried compatibility mode, but 7 wouldn't play.

I did think that I might use a Vista driver, but 7 won't even let me try that.

I REALLY don't want to throw away a perfectly good printer. Anyone any other ideas, please?
TIA Kimig

  a member 08:51 15 Dec 2009

this is common and not just with HP ,you will be hard pressed to find a printer manufacturer who will continue support for a printer more tnan 3yrs old sometimes less, I have gotten around this several times by using compatability mode .
you say you cannot get it to even try Vista drivers ,strange as most vista drivers work in win 7 . do you install in compatability mode ,or do you try to install first and then run in compatability mode, if you place the vista driver on the desktop and right click/properties/compatability , tick the (run in compatability mode etc.) box and select the correct version (ie.Vista) for the driver ,then OK and apply . then install ,it should install in this mode.
you could Dual boot , XP--Win7 ,this will allow you to use all your favorite softwares ,new an old.
this scenario is one of the many reasons I use HyperOS to multi boot ,I simply dont get those types of problem anymore ,however that aside ,you should definately be able to at least install and run it in compatability mode .

  kimtrnc 09:25 15 Dec 2009

Hi Merlinx - think I should be asking you to work a spell for me! ( Sorry, you probably get that all the time!)
I haven't yet managed to install- never mind run!

When I try to install the printer driver, the only option available is XP, Vista is greyed out. Should I be doing somethng else?

I do like the idea of dual booting, but if I'm working in W7, say, and need to print, I would have to log off, close down, and reboot into XP, wouldn't I, and then the site i wanted to copy ( or whatever) would not be available....or am I being stupid, and missing the point? Will try to find a Vista driver, and follow your instructions

  a member 10:44 15 Dec 2009

having a scout around there are no Vista or WIN 7 drivers available for your printer ,
dual boot can be a bit annoying if you do as you said and have to boot constantly from one to the other to perform specific tasks .but you can set up your XP and win 7 to both do just about all the same functions ,and as XP will be available to load your printer drivers ,I expect newer hardware may only work within Win7 .
I use a product called HyperOS ,it allows multibooting of up to (and over) 22 OSs .on the same PC .I have a special OS setup for my photo editing needs ,it has no internet access and therefore does not need to have antivirus /firewall etc .it is totally independant from the other OSs and the internet and is cut down with all unnessesary features removed ,it performs superb ,fast and efficient.
I also have one OS setup for internet access only and is isolated from the others , this allows a great deal of security within the one system ,
multi booting allows you to run duplicate systems and trial software ,if something goes wrong you can simply boot into an alternative system and repair or remove/renew a broken system .
its the perfect way to go if you want to embrace new technology that is only supported by newer OSs , but also want to use all your favorite but older programs etc.

  kimtrnc 04:42 18 Dec 2009

If I run a "Virtual XP"- (which I haven't yet worked out how to do - books not arrived yet from Amazon!!) would that allow me to use my printer?

Beginning to think I will have to give in and buy a new one,but believe me, it will NOT be a HP !

  Pine Man 12:45 18 Dec 2009

I'm sorry if this has been tried BUT you are talking about a failure to install the HP driver for your printer.

When you installed windows 7 did it not try and install a generic driver for your printer?

  kimtrnc 12:58 18 Dec 2009

Pine Man - the machine came with Win7 already installed, so no, it didn't have the chance to install generic printer. I did try to install the HP driver, but it is not compatible, apparently, and HP are not interested in supplying a fix. If you know a way round this I would be VERY, VERY grateful

  Pine Man 13:49 18 Dec 2009

It's worth a try....

Disconnect your printer and remove any software that refers to it.

Restart your PC and reconnect the printer. If it is USB then W7 should start to find drivers for it automatically but I suspect it's not USB so open Control Panel and then Devices and Printers.

Once in Devices and Printers select the tab 'Add a Printer'. Then select 'Add a local printer'.

You will probably next be offered a printer port LPT1, which your printer should be connected to.

Select next.

Now try and find your printer from a list supplied and if it's not there select generic and follow the instructions. If generic doesn't work try some of the HP drivers listed for other printers.

You may have to play around a bit in this area but give it a bash!

  Pine Man 13:56 18 Dec 2009

... I found this tip for Vista which should work in W7.

'All you need to do is to download the Windows XP driver file for HP laserJet 1000 from HP's the one named HP LaserJet 1000 Host Based Driver

1) Right click and unzip the exe file you've just downloaded

2) goto Printers (Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Printers)
3) Right click anywhere in the window and select Add a printer. The popup window should now appear
4) Click Add a local printer
5) Click Next
6) Click Have Disk
7) Browse to the location of unzipped folder you (See step 1)
8) My printer was with USB so I choose zUSB.inf (not sure about serial, u might have to choose HPLJ1000 for serial)
9) Click Open and then OK

Computer will install the printer named HP LaserJet 1000, but it wont work

Now Connect your printer to the computer...
Vista will look for the printer driver and install the printer which will work
You should now delete the printer named "hp LaserJet 1000" and make "hp LaserJet 1000 (Copy)" the default printer
You might wanna rename it too'.

  kimtrnc 14:33 22 Dec 2009

Pine man - it worked!! And I was thinking of bowing down and worshipping you. ONLY..... then it didn't. I THINK it's because of a previous partly installed ljdriver, which I thought I had removed. Now the "rogue" won't go away because 7 wants to troubleshoot it. I can't find any way to uninstall or delete the non-working printer

Pretty please, can you help a poor old lady again?

  Pine Man 19:18 22 Dec 2009

I'm not sure but I think the only thing you can do is to start again :-((

Remove your printer and, if possible, any software that refers to it and reboot your computer.Then.....and this is the tricky bit.

On the basis that you have NO OTHER HP PRODUCT ATTACHED TO YOUR COMPUTER, first of all set a restore point then you will have to go into the registry and delete anything that refers to HP or laserjet, which should clear out any remaining rubbish referring to your printer.

Now reboot and carry out the fix in the same way that you did before.

I have my fingers and other bits crossed!

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