windows 7 crash in samsung laptop

  muralimadurai 04:13 07 Feb 2012

Dear sir It all started when I allowed a site to update my adobe reader.after 5 minutes all my icons turned to be adobe reader icon including the taskbar icons. then my youcam (webcamera in cyberlink software)suddenly inverted image of mine.icould not make it upright. After setting to previous restore point it started working. then I would like to ask what is the duty of Norton anti virus that came with windows 7 package,and what the windows defender doit are that much vulnerable kindly reply me to clear my doubts

  difarn 08:05 07 Feb 2012

It seems that the update did not make a correct registry entry. If you haven't solved it, or if it happens again....

You could try this which may force a refresh of shell icons

Click on the start button, bottom left In the search box type in Default Programs In the box that comes up click on the link Set your Default Programs Click on any of the links on the left hand side Click on Set this Program as default button Click on OK Switch your pc off and then reboot.

The Norton installed is a trial version of an anti virus which protects you when you are using the internet - you can choose not to have this if you want to use a a different one.

Norton Internet Security is a complete packge (antivirus, firewall, spyware protection, adware protection, etc.) Windows Defender is only Spyware protection program, it does not get rid of viruses, it get rid of spyware/adware, trojans. You can have 2 spyware programs on your computer but its not good having 2 antivirus protection program, they will clash with each other making either to not work properly. Window Defender and Norton work together.

  muralimadurai 15:58 07 Feb 2012

Dear Difarn Thanks for explaining,could you clarify me few more 1.I am given an samsung windows 7 recovery CD at the time of purchase, can I do set up (F2) as indicated while bootupwith this CD

2, when I was using the webcam ,suddenly the image got inverted and i could not set it upright 3,In quest of finding the manual for the youcam(asthe samsung describe their webcam as cyber I got a manual from a unknown site,when I downloaded that manual all the problems happened which made me to attempt system recover 3anuhow thanks for your brief answer keep clear new PC users doubts like this hahaha.

  difarn 16:36 07 Feb 2012

The recovery CD is used to repair Windows -

The Windows 7 Recovery Disc can be used to access a system recovery menu, giving you options of using an antivirus, System Restore, Complete PC Backup, automated system repair, and a command-line prompt for manual advanced recovery.

I am not sure what you are asking about the recovery CD - are you planning on doing a recovery?

You say you have Norton installed - when you downloaded the manual for the webcam did you get a message from Norton that the download was safe? Also Norton gives you a green symbol at the side of websites in the search results panel to tell you it is a trusted site.

Are you now saying that the problem of all icons changing to Adobe and the web cam problem are sorted?

Web Cam - it is important that you get the correct name and model of software and hardware before searching for updates and downloading them. Have you now deleted the manual you downloaded? I have had a quick look typing in Cyber webcam and immediately Norton has placed a red icon by the brothersoft website advertising cyber PC webcam download - the warning is an unsafe site. It is possible that you may have downloaded a virus/spyware. Have you had any warning at all from Norton?

My suggestion is that you download the free Malwarebytes anti-malware from here -Click on the download button not the BUY button, follow instructions, let it run, be patient, and see if it finds any infected files and folders and whether it can deal with them.

Hopefully there is no problem.

Sometimes web cams show an inverted image if the driver needs updating.

Click on the windows start button type Device Manager into the box Click on Device Manager Look for your web cam - it may be listed under Sounds, Video and Games Controllers or Other Devices When you have found it - right click on it and click on update driver - click on the option to Search Automatically

  muralimadurai 18:11 07 Feb 2012

Dear Difarn yes you are right when I searched for the manual brothersoft website was shown red by norton and it asked me whether to allow this site.not knowing the seriousness or the vulnerability of my laptop I gave permission.then the inevitable happened, But I was of the view even If I allowed the virus infecting site Norton would take care,but since I ignorned its warning the problem happened. I deleted the manual now,it is fine now, very Often the samsung control center prompts to go for a recovery backup. I am thinking when I have the OS recovery CD why should make that right Mr Difarn I sincerely thank you for patiently answering my queries,

  difarn 18:53 07 Feb 2012

I think you realise that you have to be very careful about websites visited. There will always be new viruses that slip through anti-virus software so you must be vigilant.

There are occasions when anti virus software actually is being over cautious because it cannot recognise the signature of a website and works on the principle that better safe than sorry.

You say it is ok now - I would still download and run malwarebytes just to be certain.

It is good to have the recovery disk but you should also allow your PC to set restore points/recovery back up. It is a normal part of windows 7 to set these restore points and it is a very useful thing to have, as you have found out.

Are you saying that the Samsung Control centre is asking you to back up everything to a usb drive or a disc or just a restore point the same as Windows does? The Windows restore point should be more than sufficient. Later on perhaps you might think about buying an external hard drive and have regular back ups of your system, programme files and files put onto that, just to make sure.

By the way, it is Madame note Sir - I am glad to help.

  muralimadurai 09:26 08 Feb 2012

Dear Difarn Thanks Madame for giving a crytal clear answers even for a non specific doubts.excellant I wish you help everybody in this site. Difarn In india when I was at my home I used to install Deep freeze software so that malware comes in C drive they go out in the next bootup.the only problem was windows update.can I ask whether I could update windows or any other microsoft programmes once in a month ( by deactivating the deep freeze at that time only) this will give me a sigh of relief.I need to be more carefull only on a particular day in a month. can you please advise me

  difarn 10:32 08 Feb 2012

Yes you can choose how and when you want your Windows Updates to be installed.

Click on the start button type in - Windows Update Click on that On the left hand side you will see an option to Change Settings. You will see that the recommended option is for it to be done automatically but you can change this to what you want.

If you want to take charge you will probably choose

either download updates and let me choose whether to install them or Check for updates and let me decide whether to download them or install them

You can then put in exactly when you want this to happen

Hope this is useful to you.

  muralimadurai 13:37 13 Feb 2012

Dear Difarn I just typed and the web page displayed.then clicked sign in ,then I got the message internet explorer cannot display.I checked the address bar copy paste the same in chrome works. In an attempt to open the yahoo mail in inter explorer 9 i followed the suggestions stated in the same page likw enabling ssl and TSL in security division of advanced settings in tool of Internet explorer Still I am unable to open yahoo mail sign page in IE9.but main page opens. And all other link in the yahoo page working All other websites are ok in IE9. This problem started 2 days ago googlechrome browser internet explorer 9 both above link works in google chrome browser not in IE9 please answer in detail

  difarn 14:29 13 Feb 2012

There may well be a compatability issue with IE9 and the new Yahoo Mail. It is possible that you can opt to have the previous Yahoo Mail Classic installed - try this link under

What if I don’t want to upgrade to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail?

  click on "click here" to use Yahoo Mail Classic

If this works good. If not you may have to consider uninstalling IE9 and reverting back to IE8 which should work with Yahoo.

To do this...

Control Panel Programs Under Programs and Features click on View installed updates Find Windows Internet Explorer 9 Uninstall Restart the Computer

IE8 will automatically be installed.

If you don't want to do this, if you can access your Yahoo Mail through Chrome, or another browser, then you may choose to do this, leaving IE9 intact.

Hope this helps.

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