Windows 7 clean install problem

  ChrisRudgley 23:10 30 Mar 2015

Hi I'm trying to do a clean install on my windows 7 pc it's a dell Inspiron,I have the windows 7 DVD I put it in the drive and restart the computer and it doesn't self boot so I have gone into the bios settings and tried to boot from there but it tells me there is no disc inserted. Is there any way around this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  robin_x 23:34 30 Mar 2015

You can make an iso file from the DVD (on another computer if the Inspiron DVD drive has failed)

Use Imgburn

Then you burn the iso to a suitably sized USB Flash device and boot from that.

Use Rufus

  ChrisRudgley 23:44 30 Mar 2015

Thanks I'll give that a go in the morning see if it works.

  lotvic 12:34 31 Mar 2015

I think for now, we can ignore the confused post from newbie 'windowsphonedeveloper' - just joined forum - first time has posted.

ChrisRudgley, please confirm or explain if different:

What model Dell Inspiron is the pc?

Is the problem getting the pc to boot from the W7 DVD?

Did the Dell pc have W7 originally installed or have you/ are you upgrading/ downgrading the OS to W7?

Have you replaced the Hard drive with a new empty one or are you using the orginal/one with an existing op sys on?

Is the W7 DVD you have a Dell install DVD or another type?

Does the BIOS setup have the new UEFI boot menu or is it the ordinary BIOS setup?

  ChrisRudgley 20:40 31 Mar 2015

It's a dell Inspiron 530 the problem is getting it to boot from the w7 dvd. It originally came with vista and I upgraded to windows 7 professional. I have not changed the hard drive.the DVD I have is not a dell install DVD it's a student disc if that's any help.the system is using the ordinary bios setup. Thanks in advance.

  lotvic 23:02 31 Mar 2015

If you have the student W7 dvd, I believe that is an Upgrade DVD, and that would explain why you can't seem to boot from it. Also you have to start the install setup on the DVD from the desktop of whatever Op Sys you have installed at present or you run into Activation Problems.

Head on over to tutorial at ClickHere Brink's guide for how to install. Don't be put off by the different methods, and the date, the Thread is still live as you will find on page 52 where 'Mordoc0881' on 2nd feb 2015 with same setup as yours, had his successful outcome.

  Pine Man 11:43 01 Apr 2015

ratchettech is a spammer and the FE has been informed.

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