Windows 7 64bit wireless pci adapter

  User-CB6C597F-1581-4FAF-8DFF3B1477396392 23:30 10 Jan 2011

I have a home build PC which I upgraded to W7 64bit and installed extra RAM (2gb up to 6gb).

With the extra RAM the installed wireless adapter, Netgear WG311v3, does not work.

Can anybody recommend a new wireless pci that will be compatible?

  a member 09:49 11 Jan 2011

I used several pci adapters over the years ,but more recently I use usb wireless adapters ,they are very reliable and are relatively easy to setup , my current favorite is a belkin wireless N adapter . though if you plan to get one make sure its windows 7 compatible .belkin currently sell around 8 models and one or two only support OSs up to vista.

  QuizMan 12:49 11 Jan 2011

I think it most unlikely that your new RAM will affect you adapter. Like you, I have installed an extra 2Gb on my W7 64-bit machine but without preventing my adpater from working. Are you sure that you did not knock the card whilst installing the RAM so that it is not making proper contact in the PCI slot?

I have checked t'internet and found it is a common problem with the Netgear adapter.

I am asking for recommendations for a replacement pci card that isn't going to cost 40 or 50 quid.

  a member 17:54 11 Jan 2011

normal PCI or PCIe ???
the TP-Link TL-WN951N is a superb card ,google it I think you wont find many complaints about it ,its a normal PCI card and sells here in the UK for under £20
or if its PCIe you have ,then the TP-Link TL-WN781ND is a great piece of kit easy to install and fast ,with a great range, hard to believe for a card just over £10 but its true.
I know the TP-Link TL-WN781ND supports windows 7 64bit .
not so sure about the TP-Link TL-WN951N but I think there are drivers for windows 7 on thier website for it . check before you buy.
good luck

Its a PCI Merlinx. I like the look of that TP Link
TL WN951N and I think I'll go for that.

Many thanks.

  a member 20:12 11 Jan 2011

yes they make some pretty solid adapters , double check windows 7 compatability befow you finally buy it though .there appear to be drivers for it here for windows 7 ........ click here

  ams4127 21:46 12 Jan 2011

I installed the TL-WN951N last weekend. Piece of doddle and works well.

Thanks everybody. The Tl 951 it is then.

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