Windows 7 64 Bit - go for it!

  Colin 09:58 26 Oct 2009

I installed W7 64 bit Home Premium over the weekend in place of Vista 32 bit. I was concerned that some of my software and hardware might not work with it so I downloaded the 64 bit version of W7 Enterprise to try it out. I’m pleased to say that there is nothing I have that doesn’t run properly on the 64 bit version. The installation found correct drivers for my motherboard, (onboard sound etc), HP6540 printer and all my games including the complete Tomb Raider series from TR1 to Anniversary run fine with no tweaks needed. I’ve also installed Half Life 2 and Sensible Soccer with no problems. I also use Quicken 98 for my personal finance and it too installed and runs perfectly as well as Lotus SmartSuite ‘97. I decided to go for the 64 bit version for no particular reason, (I have 4 GB of Ram which I know the 64 bit version can fully use), apart from it being the most current version. I appreciate that other people may have different software and hardware configurations but from my personal position, I’m very happy with it.

  john bunyan 19:40 26 Oct 2009

Pleasd to hear that Lotus Smartsuite is OK !!

  Colin 23:09 26 Oct 2009

I have a database written in Lotus Approach that I can't be bothered to transfer to Access!

  john bunyan 10:52 27 Oct 2009

Yes, I still use wordpro, freelance and 123 as macro writing is familar for me and I have not yet bothered to use MS stuff.Started with it in about 1986.

  Colin 11:41 27 Oct 2009

I have noticed that I have two Program Files folders, one just called Program Files, the other called Program Files (x86). I assume the 32 bit programmes go in the x86 folder as it lists all the games I've installed in that folder.

  QuizMan 08:11 28 Oct 2009

It may be that hardware rather than software is a problem. Like you, Colin, I loaded W7 64 bit at the weekend and everything works well except my Canon scanner for which neither W7 nor I can find 64 bit drivers. Vista 32 bit drivers certainly do not work.

  confused_alan 14:04 21 Oct 2010

I too have found that my scanner (CanoScan 8000F) does not work with Windows 7 64bit.
The Microsoft compatibility website claimed that it is fully compatible; but I have found, and Canon confirmed, that it isn't - so Microsoft are telling lies here.

I read your review of VueScan which claims it provides its own driver. I have downloaded VueScan to my Windows 7 laptop, but it says there is no driver for the scanner. I have an e-mail from Ed Hamrick confirming that. Why does your review say otherwise?

Is there any way of getting my scanner working with Windows 7 64bit?

  john bunyan 15:28 21 Oct 2010

Suggest you start your own thread, as this is an old one.

  GaT7 15:30 21 Oct 2010

confused_alan, if they haven't made drivers for 64-bit Win7 it's unlikely you'll be able to run it.

However, you could try to install older drivers in compatibility mode - similar to this click here. Not guaranteed to work, but worth a try. G

  GaT7 15:34 21 Oct 2010

Yes, do as john bunyan suggests about starting your own thread. G

  confused_alan 15:35 21 Oct 2010

All the internet trawling I have done so far confirms that Canon have no intention of ever providing a useful sevice (like working drivers) to previously loyal users.

Will Canon please confirm or deny that?

There was also a long-running thread about Canon printer ink usage - was that ever resolved?

Will Canon please answer that one?

Silence should result in Canon no longer being recommended by this magazine - at least for consumers, I suppose business users are big enough to take rubbish service and support.

Shame really, the CanoScan was a nice useful device. But if Canon want to drive customers away rather than retain them, then so be it.

Can anyone recommend a new multifunction device that works with Windows 7 64bit and can scan a multipage document to a single pdf file?

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