Windows 10 start menu does not work

  ryeblackcat 11:54 02 Aug 2015

The start menue in windows 10 does not work i cannot see any apps and cortanta will not work how can i solve this please

  robin_x 14:28 02 Aug 2015

This problem was around in various Previews and there were quite a few various 'fixes'. I never found one that worked for me so I installed Classic Shell Free as a workaround.

Some weeks later a new Build from MS fixed it. So I'd say be patient for the moment, unless someone can unequivocally point to a solution.

  Joe G 17:36 02 Aug 2015

I have a similar problem with 10 taking ages to load up then a message comes up saying 'Critical Error Start Menu & Cortana not working' or similar 'please sign out'. I can get to the desktop so am trying to see if there is a repair option. This only started today it was fine last night! Any ideas of best way to proceed?

  Joe G 21:54 03 Aug 2015

My problem was apparently caused after I installed Avast Free AV - I hadn't realised that Windows Defender is now an AV so there clearly a conflict - oddly it was the first thing I thought of but dismissed it as being unlikely - hope you get your problem sorted ryeblackcat!

  JAMCT 12:21 24 Aug 2015

This morning, when I turned on my Linx7 Tablet(recently upgraded to Windows 10 ), I also got the message:


Start menu and Cortanta aren't working. We'll try to fix it next time you sign in.

Sign out now"

I have done so several times, each time getting the same message.

I am able to log-in but only get the 'Desktop' (DT) screen overlaid by the above message. My DT screen has icons for Recycle bin, Google Chrome, iTunes, CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Avast Free Antivirus, the latter two being run with no viruses or malware being detected.

Now that AVAST has been identified as a possible cause, and being a 'Tablet novice', how can I access the UNINSTALL menu on my tablet via the Desktop screen?. Advise would be very welcome.

  JAMCT 15:09 24 Aug 2015

UPDATE - PROBLEM RESOLVED VIZ: WOW!, I tapped the RECYCLE BIN ICON on the desktop which enabled me to access CONTROL PANEL ..Programs & Features ..Uninstall Program ..selected AVAST Free Antivirus and successfully UNINSTALLED it. On completion of UNINSTALL I restarted Tablet ......Problem solved, Critical Error box no longer active. Normal START SCREEN has returned although with some previously removed default icons pinned back on start screen.

Hope this solution will help others with same CRITICAL ERROR message.

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