forest11001100 18:53 30 Dec 2008

HI, i was hoping someone might be able to help me. i have a toshiba laptop i bought in america, i did have vista premium but had the usual problems. after a time of the laptop running slow due to being full of rubbish i decicded to formatt the hard drive and upgrade to vista ultimate.

the hard drive formatted fine, the software seemed to install fine, but when it got to the final resart and configure stage the laptop restarted and then when loading into windows it went to the usual black screen with the dash in the top left corner and just stayed there! normally only there for a couple of seconds then goes into windows!! now just stays at this black screen.

dont suppose anyone has any ideas what to do??????????
please help

  sunnystaines 11:14 31 Dec 2008

might be graphics driver not loading. did you have nividia/ATI drivers before or microsoft.

  sunnystaines 11:23 31 Dec 2008

other points to consider is it a pirate copy of widows, has the graphics card come loose, windows logon file not loading. [rare but possible bios virus infection hard to detect reset cmos and bios]

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