Window sizes

  happyhotspur 08:59 22 Jun 2007

since converting to Windows Vista and obtaining my LCD flat screen some website pages do not cover the whole of the screen especially BBC and my own online banking with Abbey. I have tried making the screen resolutions larger/smaller whith personalization and display settings,now running under 1280 x 1024, changing text size, changing the internet options in accessibility which has incrfesed the size on my main websites but still not on the others.

Is there any way I can get this to work. When running under Windows XP I did not encounter this problem

  happyhotspur 09:03 22 Jun 2007

Further to above even viewing these web pages i cannot read the last work on each line as the box width is smaller than the actual print on them. I just the the (1 in view

any advice?

  anskyber 09:14 22 Jun 2007

Can you post some screenshots for us to see.

One issue could be that if your new LCD is widescreen not all web sites including the BBC are set up in widescreen. It's how the site has been constructed. In the case of the BBC it will give an image which is all over to one side with white blank bits to the right. Is this what is happening to you?

Possibly but unlikely (since you are running Vista) your graphics card does not support widescreen formats.

  happyhotspur 09:19 22 Jun 2007

Anskyber your spot on the BBC image is all over on one side and white blank on other.

  rawprawn 17:26 22 Jun 2007

Have you tried updating your graphics drivers, I had a similar problem, although not the same and an update solved the problem.It's possible that the drivers neede updating anyway. It's worth a try.

  anskyber 17:32 22 Jun 2007

rawprawn's suggestion is very much worth doing. If it ends up the same it could be just the way individual sites are set up (eg the BBC), nothing you can do about it. If it is then set your resolution to the native setting for your screen and try to get used to it (!).

  brundle 17:39 22 Jun 2007

Sites like the BBC are designed to work at 800x600, as anskyber said - just the way they're set up.

  happyhotspur 08:11 23 Jun 2007

Thanks for all your responses. I have tried updating the driver but I am using the best available anyway, so it must be as you say the individual website set up. But its only since converting to Vista and the new LCD screen.

once again thanks to all

  tufti 12:36 23 Jun 2007

Have you tried holding down the ctrl key and rolling the wheel on the mouse to zoom the screen content?

That's how I fill the screen wih BBC :-)


  happyhotspur 12:36 24 Jun 2007

Thanks tufti didn't realize that you could do that and yhet it makes a good difference, thanks for the tip

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