win7 and xpmode

  Auldman 20:19 11 Dec 2009

Hi all
i've got win7 professional dual-booted with vista.
when i switch on xpmode to play a game called steel panthers world at war i get an error message DirectDraw Initilization error #-21477263. this has never happened when i played it in my old xp pc. does anyone know what this means and can they help me to fix it.
one other question - i read that microsoft is stopping support for xp in 2014 does this also
apply to xpmode in win7?
yours aye

  ambra4 01:17 12 Dec 2009

Try running the program in Compatibility Mode use Windows XP Service Pack 2 / 3

and tick “Run this Program as an administrator”

  sharpamat 09:26 12 Dec 2009

If you are useing 7 Pro have you not installed the XP section and run in that

  Auldman 11:42 12 Dec 2009

hi ambra4 and sharpamat
thank you for your replies.i checked the ver of xpmode and its sp3. i tried all the varying methods in compatibility mode and made myself the adminisrator but still get the error message.
yours aye

  Pine Man 11:47 12 Dec 2009

Try re-installing your video card drivers or updating them.

  john bunyan 18:34 12 Dec 2009

I have Win 7 Ult but the Proper XP mode simulation cannot be loaded on my particular motherboard / processor set up. There are articles on this in all the latest PC magazines. You can, as ambrae says , tell the programme to run in a former version (XP, Vista,etc)

  Auldman 22:31 14 Dec 2009

hi Pine Man and john bunyan
i have updated my graphics card drivers and have tried varying methods on compat mode also running xpmode as an administrator to no avail. john bunyan can you name a particular PC mag re this problem
yours aye

  john bunyan 22:52 14 Dec 2009

Have a look at this MS site and download to see if your system is suitable:
click here
Mine was not. However you can still tell programmes to run as if they were in XP.

  john bunyan 23:13 14 Dec 2009

One magazine (in Smiths) is " The Essential Windows 7 handbook" (PC Utilities). Pages114 - 115 cover this issue. In W7 Control Panel there is an option labelled " Run Programmes Made for Previous Versions of Windows" It gives a guide on how to configure the older programmes.I had a dual boot XP and W7 for a few weeks but have now got rid of XP, with some nostalgia (Kept an ATI Image of XP just in case!) I wanted 64 bit to use more RAM, but am not a gamer.

  Auldman 14:25 15 Dec 2009

hi john bunyan
i already have xpmode on my pc but xpmode doesn't allow me to play spwaw although i could play the game on my old xp pc.
i will try and get the handbook tomorrow and see how i get on then
your aye

  Lee.C 19:09 16 Dec 2009

Apologies if I've misunderstood but when you say 'XP Mode' do you mean the full version of XP that runs inside Windows 7 Pro (via Virtual PC)?

If so, you're unlikely to get anything more than the most basic 2D games working there as it can't make use of your real graphics card and instead uses a software version of a 'very' old graphic chip that can't do directdraw, direct3D or anything else that's required by most commercial games.

Your better bet it to try and install the game in Windows 7 but run it using compatibility mode.

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