Win7 from Vista

  tomei 15:28 01 Oct 2010

I have Toshiba laptop with preinstalled Vista and interesting in upgrading to Win7. Amazon seems to the place to buy the upgrade but do not understand 32bit or 64bit, what happens with IP TalkTalk or does upgrade take care of all this? What does it mean '1 user' and what happens if I need to reinstall at some point and licence is for '1 user' I take it? Is the upgrade good for preinstalled Vista or is a clean install best? Is the 32bit upgrade suitable and the 64bit disc for a clean install?

  john bunyan 15:46 01 Oct 2010

1. How much RAM do you have? If 4 or more, 64bit is worth going for.
2.W7 can be installed as either 32 0r 64 bit; dont forget W7 does not come with nor use Outlook Express - I use Outlook 2007, but Windows has an e mail service. Decide which e mail system you will use and Google to see how to migrate your e Mail to it.
Some use the "Update" but I used the "clean install" one. If the latter , do make a copy of all your data to an external HD
No real problem eith migrating IP Talk talk - do ensure you have all youe passwords etc, and the installation discs for other software.
1 User mans that MS only allow one PC at a time to use the OS you buy.

  mgmcc 17:41 01 Oct 2010

The 64-bit version can only be installed if your Laptop's hardware supports 64-bit. If it is currently running the 32-bit version of Vista, it is likely that you would need to use 32-bit Windows 7.

  john bunyan 18:46 01 Oct 2010

Have a look here to check
click here

  Jwbjnwolf 18:38 21 Oct 2010

Stay away from windows 7
if you want to get rid of vista and have no way of downgrading to windows xp give linux a try, if you like it you will be pleased and there is plenty of choise.
"windows vs linux' in google will tell you why and google images will in a funny way, if you are a games person and I don't mean windows only games, I mean free funny old style games linux will have some of your most favorite games installable from the disk(not sure about downloaded ones)but there is plenty to download.
There is also a tool called Virtualbox where you should be able to get from the disk.
Virtualbox enables you to run windows on linux virtualy instead of muliboot.
trust me, if you find windows hard linux may be easyer for you
would love to be able to recommend a mac but because I personly dont have a mac I can't and you may not like the price either.
but it's worth trying it and what do you have to loss, because it's free.

  Pine Man 13:21 22 Oct 2010

Children should be seen and not heard;-)

  a member 14:46 22 Oct 2010

jwarn you have been told already ,this is a windows 7 forum ,you will not see any of us windows 7 users going to a linux forum and insulting it in such a manner ,windows 7 is the best OS ever made by microsoft (fact) and linux does not even come close to having the choice of programs or utilities . so please refrain from trying to push such inferior software on to us advanced users (excuse the pun). if you like it so much ,then go and play with it and leave us alone . the next post I see along these lines will be getting reported to the FE as off topic . and written purely to satisfy some problem you personally have with anything microsoft .your type of replies do not belong in any topical forum and serves omly to annoy and insult.

  tomei 21:26 22 Oct 2010

Upgraded from Vista to Win7 and took 2hrs 40mins! Oh so easy install! Just got to get into using all the different 'strokes' but very pleased.

  tomei 22:28 22 Oct 2010

Oops... 'resolved' and very good too. Thanks all as usual.

  rdave13 23:17 22 Oct 2010

Now that you've upgraded to Win 7 you should now have a folder called Windows old. That takes a good bit of your harddisc space so look at this Microsoft instructions on how to remove.
Before you do have a look in the folder in case you need to save any documents or photos etc.
click here

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