Win7 suddenly got very slow.

  Pancik 17:42 14 Jun 2013

Hello, guys please help me. I have had this problem many times with my new computer ( h9-1000cs), but every time this problem got resolved by itself after couple of days. This time the problem didnt resolved itself after a week. Basicly, one day when i was starting computer it suddenly started to be slow. It takes approximately 15 minutes to start up (normally it takes about 15 seconds) and when it does it is terribly slow. I cant play games or watch videos because it is so slow. Thanks

  Pancik 18:21 14 Jun 2013

Thank you for response. I bought my computer a year ago. I am not sure if i did it correctly but i dont see any yellow exclamation marks or unsigned drivers. I deleted the preloaded security program and installed avast antivirus. Also, I dont have Trusteer Rapport running on my computer.

  Pancik 19:00 14 Jun 2013

Thank zou for response. I havent been using preloaded securitz program at all. 1. Opera 829 000K 2. Skype 120 000K 3. explorer.exe 52 000K 4. dwm.exe 31 000K 5. sttraz64.exe 8 700K Ehm i am not sure what idle process is but under processes and CPU i have CPU usage 5-7%.

  Pancik 19:25 14 Jun 2013

i tried doing that sfc/scannow Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations

  Pancik 19:48 14 Jun 2013

Download Speed: 6186 kbps (773.3 KB/sec ) Upload Speed: 3387 kbps (423.4 KB/sec )

  Pancik 19:52 14 Jun 2013

Yes, thats my computer. I am connected to the internet by a wire, but i dont think thats the problem because internet is running smoothly, only the windows is slow.

  Pancik 22:35 14 Jun 2013

Thank you I tried that chkdsk, but it didnt do anything. I will try to reboot it in a few hours when i will go to sleep. My windows defender was already disabled. I have microsoft security essentials along side avast. I have java and flash up to date and old ones have been deleted

  Pancik 11:47 15 Jun 2013

Thank you for response. I have done everything you suggested so far, but it is still the same.

  rdave13 14:23 15 Jun 2013

When you say chkdsk didn't do anything did it just show up as 'clean'? Had someone's laptop recently with similar problem of slow booting and general slowness. After a lot of faffing about found that the Sata connection on the hard drive wasn't quite true. Reconnected it and the laptop was fine.

  Pancik 14:40 15 Jun 2013

Thank you for reply. I am not saying it came up as clean. I didnt really had time to read the whole report because it disapearred after few seconds.I think it corrected some errors, but it is still acting the way it was before. I am not really sure what Sata connection is. What am i supposed to do?

  PA28 11:59 26 Jun 2013

As this is a problem that you've had before, which has then mysteriously cleared, I would be inclined to check ALL your physical connections inside the desktop box. And while you're there give it a good clean with a paintbrush and hoover nozzle to rid the cooling fins and fans of any dust build up (which can cause overheating). Power off (but power lead connected to provide an earth), remove and replace all the connections to the motherboard and drives (both ends - the aim is to clean the connectors), and gently prise out and slide back each of the memory modules (don't forget anti-static precautions, ground yourself first). Same with graphics card, and give that a brush as well. Don't forget the case, psu and processor fans (it may be as well to check these are all working). It won't do any harm and has worked for me in the past when I've experienced an intermittent slowdown.

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