Win Xp and Vista boot problem

  ableseas 12:44 26 Mar 2007

Hope some kind soul can help me with this.
I already run Xp pro on my C: drive and decided to install Vista on my spare D:hard drive.The installation went well and I was able to boot into either operating system via windows boot manager.Since I tried to install some drivers for some of my motherboard components(audio,Ethernet etc)my windows boot manager seems to freeze!What I mean is upon booting the pc,windows boot manager appears giving me the choice to boot into Xp or Vista but doesn't respond from any keyboard input.I have to wait for the countdown to finish,luckily at the moment Xp is highlighted in boot manager and defaults to boot into.
I'm assuming perhaps windows boot manager is corrupt/damaged or even the mbr is damaged.Whats the best way to sort this problem please?
I would still like to run both operating systems,each on their own hard drives in future.
Thanks in advance to any kind soul(s) help.

  CLONNEN 13:10 26 Mar 2007

Try running a Repair Install from the Vista installation CD. That should rewrite the bootsector and give you a working boot menu for both systems.

  CLONNEN 13:13 26 Mar 2007

Is your keyboard a USB one?

Maybe your new drivers have switched off the USB support in your BIOS settings. Try pressing F1 or Del when your computer boots up to enter the BIOS and check if Legacy USB Keyboard Support is Enabled.

  ableseas 13:20 26 Mar 2007

Thanks Clonnen for your response,I'll give both of your suggestions a try.Yes my keyboard is usb.

  CLONNEN 13:26 26 Mar 2007

If you have a wired keyboard lying around anywhere you could try plugging that in. That will tell you if Vista can still be booted.

  ableseas 19:16 27 Mar 2007

Hi folks,problem now solved.After turning on usb support for the keyboard in the bios and rebooting the pc windows boot manager decided to disappear altogether,I was presented with my normal windows xp boot screen pre Vista installation.So i tried the other suggestion by Clonnen only to find that upon running my Vista installation disc there was no'repair/install'option shown to me.
What i did was to re-install Vista to regain the windows boot manager....and this worked.I can happily say that I have both operating systems working.Just need to sort out compatable drivers for Vista for my system.
Anyway,thanks for your help folks :)

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