Win 8 Refresh killed my email

  highside 18:14 01 Jun 2013

It may be my fault for using it but many experts & the program itself said that Refresh in Win 8 would not remove personal files. It removed many of my programs which I have now reinstalled but it also removed Windows Live Essentials and destroyed my emails dating back a very long time including all my contacts. Feel very angry about this as the descriptions of Refresh give the impression that its a very non aggressive program. Tried a recovery freebie but it reported that most of my stuff is unrecoverable.About three of 800 can be read. Any comment please? Win 8 64 bit Win Live Mail pop3

  highside 18:17 01 Jun 2013

ps it also takes System Restore back to square one with no restore points except the new one it creates at the time it operates.

  highside 10:17 02 Jun 2013

Thanks for replying, it is the least aggressive of the three options and it does say some programs will be removed but no files etc. So I spent a whole day reinstalling everything. I was just taken aback that it destroyed years of email activity. Everything else was backed up but this took me by surprise.

I did reinstall WLE and I can sign in with my original password and account but there are no emails or contacts just like starting from new.


  highside 11:04 02 Jun 2013

Will do thanks for your help. I am sure I have reinstalled WLE before with no bother.

  highside 07:42 06 Jun 2013

Thanks for the Nudge, I posted as you suggested and was given the answer by "Secret-Squirrel". Searched PC for .eml and the result was 3000 emails in HEX number form and they opened as normal emails when dragged to a WLM folder. Closed & thanks

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