Win 7 and Win xp on two hard drives

  Rock chick 1 15:54 12 Nov 2010

I would like to load Win 7 on sata drive 0 and Win xp on IDE drive 1

Would this work, if so how would I make the PC give me the option at bootup

  GaT7 16:12 12 Nov 2010

First install XP on the IDE drive, with the SATA drive disconnected. Ensure it is working well & you have all the recommended Win updates installed via click here.

Then with the IDE driver connected, attach the SATA drive now & install Win7 on it, making sure to choose the correct drive/partition it gets installed on. The latter should be taken care of by default, but it's always good to doublecheck.

The Win7 install will automatically take care of the 'dual-boot' options & display a selectable choice of either OS at startup.

You can then fine-tune these bootup choices depending on which OS you'd like to load first by default, how much time you'd like the choices to display, etc. We'll come to this later if & when required. G

  GaT7 16:27 12 Nov 2010

'Then with the IDE drive still connected, attach the SATA drive now....'

The reason for omitting the SATA drive initially is to ensure that the XP install doesn't place any of its boot files on the SATA drive. As this may throw a spanner in the works, so to speak.

The reason for having both connected when installing Win7 is to ensure Win7's boot loader is aware of another installed OS & takes the necessary steps to give you selectable boot options at startup. G

  Rock chick 1 17:19 12 Nov 2010

Thanks for the clear advice Crossbow. I believe SATA drives don't have slave n Master jumpers so would the ide drive be slave to the DVD drive do you think?(haven't installed the ide drive yet)

  GaT7 17:41 12 Nov 2010

" would the ide drive be slave to the DVD drive do you think?"

It depends on what the IDE drives jumpers are set at &/or their cable connections. It would be ideal to have the hard drive set as master & the DVD drive as slave.

You're right about SATA drives - you don't have to do any special settings for them to work properly. Sometimes with older motherboards/chipsets & newer SATA2 drives one may need to adjust the latter's jumpers to work at a slower speed. But you only have to worry about this if it becomes an issue. G

  Rock chick 1 15:26 16 Nov 2010

Thanks for all your help Crossbow7,I have decided to purchase a new SATA drive for Win XP so discarding the IDE drive. I will take it that your advice still stands, unless you tell me different.

  GaT7 15:35 16 Nov 2010

Yes, it's the same. One hard drive connected only when installing XP. Then both hard drives connected when installing Win7.

You can also use ONE hard drive for both, split into a minimum of 2 partitions, so you don't need to buy a new drive. Install XP first on the 1st partition, then install Win7 on the 2nd partition. You can also reverse what OS goes on which partition if desired, but XP always installs first preferably. Again, Win7 will automatically take care of the boot options. G

  Rock chick 1 16:06 16 Nov 2010

I may have to do just that as I opened my case just now and I only have one spare lead coming from my power unit and it is a white one. (not black like the existing one)

  GaT7 16:21 16 Nov 2010

No problem, a molex-SATA converter cable like click here or click here can be purchased.

Do you have mounting space for another hard drive though, & also a spare SATA connector on the motherboard?

Having another hard drive is also useful for backups. G

  GaT7 16:27 16 Nov 2010

Even better & cheaper converter cable, plus one becomes two click here. Or, a different combo for less click here. G

  Rock chick 1 23:47 16 Nov 2010

Brilliant! they are certainly cheap enough.
Seems to be 3 more spare sata connectors on M/board and plenty of space for another drive.I will probably order my drive tomorrow and then decide on a 32 or 64 bit OS but that's another story.

Your help has been much appreciated.

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