Win 7 System Restore Problem

  rawprawn 10:44 22 Jan 2010

After trying out Comodo Time Machine, I now find SR is not working properly.(Uninstalled CMT)
I can make manual restore points, and it makes a restore point after a windows update, but it doesn't make system check points.
I have run sfc /scannow, with no problems found.
I have tried to delete all previoue restore points but it leaves 4 old ones, and if I try to use one of those I get the message Element not found Error 0x80070490.
If I go to Task Scheduler in services it says it's running on Auto, but if I click on it I get
"Selected Task No Longer Exists "(0)"
I am totally stuck any help gratefully received.

  rawprawn 11:30 22 Jan 2010

I have just tried test system restore from a manual restore point, and it worked no problem.
Has anybody any ideas, or even as to how I can delete the old 4 remaining restore points showing. I assume it can be done in the registry, but I don't know how.

  rawprawn 13:25 22 Jan 2010

The problem appears to be with Task Scheduler, if I open Services and then go to Task Scheduler it shows as running on Auto, but if I look in Properties everything is greyed out and I cannot reset it.

  rawprawn 15:25 22 Jan 2010

I have just tried a "Repair Install" (Win 7 Upgrade, but it was not successful.
I am really struggling now.

  john bunyan 16:10 22 Jan 2010

I have only been with W7 for a few weeks. As at today there are only two restore points - afrtr "critical updates" on 20th and 22nd Jan. I think W7 only keeps the latest - not like XP where you could go back many days.

  john bunyan 16:12 22 Jan 2010

Also see here:
click here

  rawprawn 16:52 22 Jan 2010

Hi john bunyan, thanks for coming back . I have put Volume Shadow Copy Service on Auto, I then turned System Restore Off and rebooted, then turned it back on and rebooted. It didn't make a restore point but it does manually.
Each time I try to configure it I get a message that it can't because the file already exists Error 0x800700B7.
I am trying to work my way through all the suggestion gained from your link.

  rawprawn 17:17 22 Jan 2010

" I think W7 only keeps the latest "

there is a box to tick "Show More Restore Points"
Try that.

  john bunyan 19:01 22 Jan 2010

Yes, when I tick that box I just got the 20th Jan restore point after a critical update - only the 22nd one showed in the normal box. No earlier restore points were shown. As long as it works, so be it but I would prefer the option of going back further - maybe others will comment. JB.

  rawprawn 19:14 22 Jan 2010

Have you looked in "Configure" to see if there is enough space allocated? You need it set about 11/12GB

  john bunyan 19:33 22 Jan 2010

Thanks again. It was set at 1.2 gig - have increased it to 11 gig - will watch and wait.JB

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