Win 7-64bit Virus issue

  doc333 15:20 11 May 2011

last night my Alvira security was bypassed by some rogue software and took over the PC. Everything I try and do won't happen, even though I have run a complete scan using Microsoft security essentials and Alvira. Alvira says its clean and the in-pc microsoft stuff was also giving it a clean bill of health, although security essentials found 2 rogue pieces of software.

The dodgy software is showing me I have a massive infection of all types of trojan, worms, the lot, and I need to purchase the 'MS REMOVAL TOOL'.

So obviously my fault for allowing this thing in, but is it possible to get rid and clean up the PC by myself, or do I need to get it done by an engineer?


  daz60 17:02 11 May 2011

[link text][] try this

  daz60 17:03 11 May 2011

link text try again

  doc333 07:58 12 May 2011

Daz many thanks, but it didn't work. I guess I did something a little wrong somewhere, but all seemed to be going fine until I ran the scan with the MB software, as the results came up as nothing found? which obviously can't be right.

I have an engineer coming in today to have a go and sort it for me.

  gardener 17:50 15 May 2011

Found this on the web:

'MS Removal Tool is what is known as rogue spyware or ransomware which means it claims to be legitimate security software but it is actually spyware itself. It attempts to scare you into purchasing bogus software by hijacking your computer and bombarding it with fake security alerts and spyware scans, but the entire process is just an elaborate hoax'.

  chub_tor 19:48 15 May 2011

One of the problems you may be having is that you appear to have two anti virus programmes running on your machine at the same tim - Avira and Microsoft Security Essentials. They can possibly conflict with one another and give you reduced security and may produce false positives. I would ditch one of them, the choice is yours but personally I like MSE because it combines some anti-malware protection in addition to AV.

Do not purchase the MS Removal tool, as gardener says this is just a scareware program giving false alerts. If you can see it in Control Panel/Add Remove programs then remove it.

You should also download and run Malwarebytes the free version is fine, you do not need to buy it, all that will give you is real time monitoring and free support, it won't catch any more trojans etc. than the free version will.

If the bad stuff keeps coming back even after you have scanned and cleaned it then it may well be in your restore points and the only way you can stop that is to stop System Restore temporarily to get rid of all your restore points. Once you know that your machine is clean then turn System Restore back on.

  Technocrate 07:11 17 May 2011

One of the good methods to remove virus infection from your system is online scanning. In order to perform online scanning you need to visit the Antivirus software sites like bitDefender, ESET online scanner, etc. After opening these websites you could see the option to perform online scanning. The main advantage of this method is that you need not install any antivirus software in your system. Online scanning could be performed free of cost. get more help for windows 7 virus removal .

Hope this helps you.

Good Luck!

  julius44 20:03 18 May 2011

As stated above......MS removal tool is rogue software!! My friend had it on her pc and i used malware-bytes in safe mode to remove it and it was ok.....Kaspersky also have a free trial which u can use from there website for free..that would do the trick

  kristain 12:33 23 May 2011

Avira AntiVir Personal – FREE Antivirus is a highly reliable and user friendly free antivirus solution. It continually and quickly scans your system for malicious programs such as viruses, backdoor programs, Trojans, hoaxes, worms, dialers etc.

  slatwater 07:45 10 Aug 2011

some program is specially made so it can escape from software, ms removal tools is one os such programs, tech steps are also available to get rid of ms removal tool as: tech steps link text

  john bunyan 16:32 10 Aug 2011

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