Will it or Won't it?

  golfpro 06:15 12 Aug 2009

Are we to assume now that all pre ordered copies of Windows7 (statement from MS 1st August), Full programs (not upgrades), will now be shipped with a browser!!! Will it be IE or one of your choice, or will they change their mind AGAIN to conform with the Bloody intrusive meddling from the EC. It would be nice to know having just ordered one to be shipped at the end of October. But I suppose this is asking too much, I like millions of others will have to wait and see what we get.

  a member 08:45 12 Aug 2009

If you read between the lines on the last few statements Microsoft have made on this matter ,they intend to ship with internet explorer and not wait for confirmation from the EC . they have said they will be offering a choice of browser so users can change if they wish . as production is already well underway, I dont see it being any different .
but as nothing has been confirmed so far we are all having to guess . personally I believe we will get the same version as everyone else with a choice of browser after initial setup.

  sonyboy 12:25 12 Aug 2009

I fully agree that the wrangling between Microsoft and the EU hasn't done the European consumers any favours.
Microsoft have said that the RTM has now been scheduled to include IE (which I personally don't want anyway) but it will be included for those that want it...along with alternative browser options Firefox...Opera etc;
As the RTM is now in production in order to meet the October timeframe ...I can't see Microsoft making too many retro steps and changing their minds again..as this would cost serious money in rescheduling production methods...It may be that the pre release images we have seen of the packaging may be changed ...and we'll now have the "E" suffix removed ((which was originally intended to denote "No I/E Browser" )
I guess we'll all have to wait and see? Oh well...That's nothing new eh?

  a member 13:22 12 Aug 2009

I have allways been indifferent about it ,its so easy to download the browser you want and make it default so what is the problem .
according to microsoft the (E) version is definately dead .although rtm (E) versions have leaked ,I have even tried it , and the (N) version that is deviod of mediaplayer and associated software .but I believe that the full version will be delivered in europe .
all that legal wrangling costing millions and none of us is any the wiser. but with less than 8weeks to go for it to be onsale in the uk ,I cannot honestly see them changing again .

  sonyboy 13:42 12 Aug 2009

Yep'..I don't think there will be any earth shattering changes at this stage either!.The browser issue didn't concern me greatly also... as I would have installed my own favourite anyway..
I know that some people that are new to computers were feeling a bit fazed by the "E" business ...and one or two told me they were put off by the fact that there was originally going to be no I/E ...I wonder if the "financial bods" at Microsoft had spotted the possibility that a browserless edition might lower the uptake of Windows7 ? Anyway..like you say...just about 8 weeks to go ...Looks as if the Post Office are gonna' be busy with the delivery of pre- orders shortly!

  golfpro 14:00 12 Aug 2009

I am fully in agreement with all the postings, I don´t want the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels making my mind up what I should have or not, I am an adult and can make my own mind up, so long as I am given a choice. But to take that option away is undemocratic. Sorry to get so political, but this has so incensed me I had to say it.

  sonyboy 15:23 12 Aug 2009

No need to apologise golfpro..Everything connected to anything EU based.... makes me"spit feathers" too!!
Without going "off topic" ...a good rant at the bureaucratic idiocy always makes me feel better :)

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