Will I be Legal

  ol blueeyes 11:26 21 Jul 2009

If I install a legitimate copy of Windows 7 on Computer (A) then remove Hard Drive and put into Computer (B) because it is a better Computer aprt from size of Hard Drive. Am I Legal ?
I ask this question purely out of interest because Microsoft have thought of most things but have they thought of this ?

  Pine Man 13:47 21 Jul 2009

Yes, unless it is OEM when that version is introduced.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:52 21 Jul 2009

I di dread something that the retail editions would be valid for 3 pc's, but can't seem to fnd the article now.

However, transferring the hard drive may not be entirely simple as the installation won't be set-up to the other computer.

  mehtdosa11 16:16 21 Jul 2009

i think with the 3 pc's one Microsoft are supposed to be bringing out a 'family licence version' i.e for 3 computers in the same household, although how they would enforce it i don't know. rumour has it it will be about $149 in the usa. but more expensive over here of course.
if you put the hard drive from one computer into another it may not work as the hard drive will be set up with all the hardware drivers for the original one. you could try and download them from the makers web-site.
supposedly when you register/activate a copy of windows it is linked to that one computer...you could try and do a fresh install on the b one but it may not activate windows properly when you try.

although of course if you put the a hard drive in to computer b, and then loaded windows straight onto that, it should work ok. although there may be some problems with some hardware drivers, which can be solved as previously mentioned.[or indeed if you the original drivers disc for that computer]

  ol blueeyes 10:30 22 Jul 2009

Well I have actually done as I suggested with the Trial edition of Windows 7 and all worked AOK without any problems what soever.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:00 22 Jul 2009

Thats interesting to hear. I'm wondering if there's a difference in the way that the HAL is working on W7....that sounds like a job for this afternoon!

  ol blueeyes 11:52 22 Jul 2009

TO OTT_Buzzard

Lets know how you get on

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