Will a Athlon 64 3200+ 2GHz AM2 CPU run

  Fried~Chips 12:10 28 Mar 2008

vista premium ok with 2GB Memory DDRII or is Dual Core CPU more sensible. Also if its would run vista ok, is their any compatible issues with AMD CPU's of this type & Vista Premium please.

  lisa02 12:58 28 Mar 2008


Processor and RAM are fine but what Graphics card is being used?

  Fried~Chips 13:14 28 Mar 2008

I will use a Nvidia GF 6200E PCI-Express 128/256MB Turbo cache Graphics card for starters.

Thanks lisa02

  Fried~Chips 13:18 28 Mar 2008

a internal oem 52in1 Card Reader, my supplier where I got it from didn't specify any o's compatibilty, with it being a plug n' play device I carn't see USB being a problem but there again theirs a first for that.

The Motherboard is a Asus M2V. Does Vista have SATA Drivers or is it the case of F6 on Boot of the installation with Vista and install SATA Drivers in vista pre-install ?

  hssutton 14:57 28 Mar 2008

Your graphics card will work, but it's the weak link.

I have this graphics card and it drops my computer rating to 3/3.7 from what would have been a rating of 4.8

  Fried~Chips 15:31 28 Mar 2008

How did you or where do your get them rating figures from. This is new to me, is their a performance chart I haven't seen ?

  lisa02 15:42 28 Mar 2008

Windows Experience Index built into Vista and looks like this, found through System Properties:

click here

  lisa02 15:45 28 Mar 2008

Take a look here for installing SATA drivers click here

  Coltch 15:52 28 Mar 2008

2GB of RAM is the sweet spot for Vista (x86), coupled with a Dual Core processor.

I went from 1GB & A64 3000+ (single core) to 2GB & A64 X2 3800+ (dual core) on BETA 2 and the difference was staggering.

Vista will run fine with a Single Core but a Dual Core is advisable.

  Fried~Chips 18:41 28 Mar 2008

on friends or my works laptop, A whole new ball game vista with lots of hidden away things took me a few years to rip xp apart looks like vista will be same for me.

Also thanks hssutton & Coltch yep I know Dual Core would be better but its a budget machine build for family member who's not really into much and already has the above bits, she's wanting me to get new HDD, Case and software.

Just hope I don't get problems with them stupid AMD Via SATA Drivers. Still puzzled why microsoft could build a SATA Driver Database in vista though.

Thank u everyone you all been very helpfull for me! If anyone has any sensible additions to this thread I give you permission to contact me via my folder email link.

  mazuk 07:55 29 Mar 2008

Home basic:

1ghz cpu
512mb RAM
15gb free on 20gb HDD
dx9 gfx with 32mb

Home premium,business,ultimate:

1ghz cpu
1gb RAM
15gb free on 40gb HDD
dx9 gfx with 128mb (pixel shader 2.0, 32 bits per pixel, WDDM)

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