Why you should still buy XP again Vista

  ambra4 15:27 16 Jul 2007

For those that want to jump on Bill band wagon, and fix Vista for him while he goes laughing to the bank to count his money

Read these: -

click here

click here

click here

I would be using XP until Bill put out Vista SP2, which should be stable, and 96% of the bugs are fixed, and all copyright software he is using is removed

On 98 the only stable version is 98SE

On ME total crap just 98 with a face lift

On 2000 more a Company type OS, but was stable after SP2

On XP SP2 lots of problems with drivers, he removed Java as being sued but did not tell anyone, so if you install XP with SP2 you have to download and install Java

On Vista SP1 he have to remove Live Search, and fix the bugs

Dell in the US is now often buyers a chose of XP or Vista on all there Computers

Read this: - Vista: Not Cutting Edge, But Bleeding.

click here

  Probabilitydrive 15:37 16 Jul 2007

ambra4, did you create your 'click here' links with XP? :)

  crosstrainer 15:38 16 Jul 2007


  ventanas 16:02 16 Jul 2007

If we believed everything we read about every version of Windows no-one would use any of them. You can use any OS you wish, but after having Vista on all three of my machines for some months there is no way I would entertain XP again. Vista is superior in every department.

  J B 16:08 16 Jul 2007

I agree with ventanas, don't believe everything you read. I use both systems and I much prefer Vista even with it's foibles. J.B.

  Input Overload 17:00 16 Jul 2007

Where do you get '96% of the bugs are fixed' SP1 from? I have yet to find a bug in Vista. I also quite liked ME too.

  anskyber 17:03 16 Jul 2007

Highly amusing irrational nonsense. Thank you.

  Pine Man 18:42 16 Jul 2007

Not related to madgamer234(RIP) are you?

  [email protected] 20:06 16 Jul 2007

2 things wrong:
1, click here doesnt work
2, you posted it on the vista section, people who reply offer advice on vista, therefore use it and for their own reasons, like it!

i keep hearing it's better in everyway to xp, well excuse me but its twice the price, uses more twice the resources, has taken years to produce so it should be a lot more than better than xp. it should be running rings round xp, which is getting quite old. i like the look of it but on a pc with 4 gb (or 3.5) it seems to be hammering the hell out of the hdd, i have issues with missing letters and ie7 restarting. the defrag and windows defender seem to me very third rate programs begging for a freebie replacement.
games companies are writtong programs for dx9l which is xp, and they should not be doing this, xp should be past its use by date and it should be outclassed and ran into obselecence by it's replacement. at the moment my xp pc rips my vista h/p to bits and imho it shouldnt.

  mrwoowoo 21:18 16 Jul 2007

Exept for probabilitydrives comment, "I also quite liked ME too" is one of the funniest things i have heard.Still,each to his own.

  northwales 22:10 16 Jul 2007

I'm a system builder and support advisor and I really love Vista because I have never been so busy.
I've had so many phone calls asking me to replace Vista OS with XP.

Some of the problems do stem from the new cpu's and motherboards firmware or design but MS should have given far more advise and support during the development stages of Vista.
Many things had to be rushed resulting with frequent motherboard Bios Updates on brand new boards.

I feel that where XP failed but on reflection was their saving grace was the lack of credible security designed within the operating system. However,Vista is suffering from the new ethos within MS because this new OS tries to restrict the free actions of the user by battening down the hatches whenever it vaguely feels uneasy.
This is evident by the number of Vista users disabling the mindless UCA controls.

I have also received many complaints where clicking on the desktop icons seem to take far more time on many Vista pc's than a typical XP one.This does make very bad PR for Microsoft.

adman 2 makes the fundamental and correct point in that why should'nt Vista run rings around XP in all cases.Gaming is a clear cut case where XP is easily the best.
I see that many users within this forum are happy with Vista but looking at the flow of traffic in this section still only amounts to a very small amount in real hard numbers.

On a personal note I have no real need for Vista.Why would I?Other than to gain experience so that I can help my ever increasing number of rich customers.

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