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  xania 13:51 16 Jan 2007

I've just been reading P.26 of the March 2007 edition of PC Advisor. They want to know how excited I am about Vista. Well, let me see if I've got this right. Microsoft are expecting us wealthy Brits to pay nearly double to buy this wonderful product, and they are going to give us the wonderful opportunity to do the same thing again with Vienna in 3 years time. Meanwhile, they are also offering us the spectacle of Office 2007 now and, presumably a further expensive update in 3 years time? No wonder they can afford to spend "hundreds of millions of dollars" on marketing Vista & 2007. But whose money are they spending? Sorry - I'm not excited even a little bit - more hot under the collar!

  Genius1 14:12 16 Jan 2007

Vista's not for everyone, but an upgrade to Windows XP was badly needed. It's the same concept elsewhere - people buy new cars to replace old ones and in my view XP is a worn out OS.

  Ben 216 19:10 16 Jan 2007

I've just upgraded and reformatted my system, putting XP back on. If you're installing a new OS, the best results come from completely wiping your HDD and starting fresh, and I'm in no rush to do that for Vista. So the next time I reformat I'll load Vista, and by then software will start appearing that's made to run on Vista intead of XP, bugs will (hopefully) be ironed out, and until then I'll watch and wait.

  jorel 23:16 16 Jan 2007

I had a look at Vista and can't honestly see any reason to upgrade, apart from Direct X10. Yes it has got bells and whistles and looks pretty, but for me XP pro does everything I need it to. So if it ain't broke why fix it. Maybe I won't get to play Crisis and Halo 3 or whatever, but I can live with that.

  Coltch 13:16 17 Jan 2007

I have been running Vista since Beta2, and now use RC2 as my main OS.

My only gripe with Vista is cost, nearly £400 for a Home OS is a blatent rip-off (I know this is for Ultimate, but it is the version I'm using now and I would not want to downgrade.) I'll probably buy in the US as the cost is almost half.

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