Why is PCA hyping Vista?

  Jon Storm 10:29 23 Oct 2006

The last few issues, PC Advisor has been hyping Vista to the skies - anyone would think you were all working for Microsoft.

Experience should tell you that shortly after it comes out a couple of hundred security holes will be discovered, numerous features won't quite work properly, superfetch will be fastfind all over again (eating all the RAM available and slowing everything down) etc etc. Yet here's PCA practically wetting itself with excitement - I thought you had more sense.

I shall follow my usual practice with any Microsoft release : wait at least a year while stupid people do Microsoft's debugging for them.

  phil46 11:06 23 Oct 2006

I still find Vista slower than WXP infact at one point it was like pushing a pram through mud and i have a fast computer.

  paul trotter 13:23 23 Oct 2006

I think you can expect to see a lot more hype surrounding Windows Visa from every IT publication over the next few months. We've covered the OS quite a lot as we've seen huge demand for information. The vast majority of computer users use Windows, and it's the first new version for five years. It remains to be seen how Microsoft will deal with the actual release though, and I suspect you might be right to say there'll be a few teething problems in the weeks following the launch.

Paul Trotter, Editor

  sunny staines 18:12 23 Oct 2006

vista is a learning curve for me the more I can learn try out the better still got the bug, and a few vista bugs to ironout before i would buy at this stage, so as far as i am concerned more article's for me please.
the non vista readers of the mag may get disappointed as more of the mag slowly goes over to vista buts thats technology on the march.

  anskyber 18:23 23 Oct 2006

I am glad that it is featuring these things, mostly for the reasons sunny staines has given. The flip side is if the mag did not there would be questions asked about its silence.

  lisa02 19:33 23 Oct 2006

click here

Only fools....

I'll wait til I buy a new system before upgrading.

  lisa02 19:35 23 Oct 2006

It's only to be expected btw that there'll be loads of hype regarding the release from everywhere not just PCA.

  dth 19:56 23 Oct 2006

Come on now be fair - if you were a writer on the mag could you write another article on XP?

  spikeychris 20:52 23 Oct 2006

"I shall follow my usual practice with any Microsoft release : wait at least a year while stupid people do Microsoft's debugging for them."

Do you get a kick out of writing such nonsense?

  Forum Editor 23:06 23 Oct 2006

Really? What rubbish.

I'm one of the stupid people who's been beta testing Vista since the beginning, and I think it's the best release ever to come from Microsoft, bar none.

We write about it because our readers tell us they want to know what it's all about. It's a new product, and if we didn't write on the subject we would be loudly criticised, and rightly so, by the people who look to us to provide them with a considered appraisal.

Of course there'll be glitches following the launch - there's not a software company on the planet that could develop a major release with tens of millions of lines of code and launch without a few problems. Anyone who would think otherwise would be a fool, but that's not the point. Vista will sell like a very hot cake - the feedback from the Release Candidates has already indicated that - and no doubt the sad people who go looking for flaws will find them and try to exploit them. In the end the market will vote with its wallets, and I predict that Vista will outsell Windows XP in the first year.

Next time you fancy posting a wild rant about the way we provide our readership with information you might like to pause for a millisecond and think about the subject in a little more depth.

  josie mayhem 23:10 23 Oct 2006

I take it that you haven't tried Vista then, if you had then I think you might have a totally different opinion about it....

Once you get used to the slightly different way it works, then it much user friendly than any other windows...

And when you decide to invest in Vista... Who are you going to ask help from yes us 'stupid ones'!

And to answer your question, anybody with sence knows that Vista is one of the most user friendly operating system to accommdate the computer user, from the beginner to the geru... from the home user to the business user all in one operating system... can you say that about Linux for example?

If I'm stupid because I've decided to beta test Vista then I'm as happy as Larry.... It means that from after Christmas my street cred is going to leap ten fold, when people start asking 'How to I do that' or 'Is my system capable?'

Can't be bad to be stupid!!!!

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