Why Oh Why ?

  4gig 19:40 11 Aug 2007

Why Oh Why did so many on this forum mock,ridicule and imply that users who bitterly complained regarding the slow performance of Vista had a hidden agenda against Microsoft.

If a similar response was found to be so after the release of another branch of technology I'm sure that the 'free press' would report and investigate it.

Not so, it appears, when it comes to Microsoft,Vista and the Computing Press.Defence after defence is all that I have witnessed in support of Vista.

Not before time we learn that Vista SP1 is due for release click here

An little snippet

The first update, KB938979, is a package of performance updates that deal with such problems as poor memory management, long calculation times for estimating the total time remaining on large file moves, memory leaks when using the Windows Energy screen saver and delays upon returning from hibernation or when exiting the Photos screen saver. Some Vista users have complained of poor performance, so any fixes are likely much wanted additions. The first update also fixes file corruption problems when writing to AVI files, synchronizing offline files to servers and editing image files that use the RAW image format. >

How can we have confidence in the press and especially in the computing media where the reality is not readily printed?

Thank goodness we have seekers of truth and justice in this world who will not be easily silenced.

  Stuartli 22:23 11 Aug 2007

Vista SP1 was first revealed at the end of January..:-)

click here

  Forum Editor 01:24 12 Aug 2007

do you make the assumption that because "Defence after defence is all that I have witnessed in support of Vista." the defenders must be wrong?

You grab every possible opportunity to splash your obvious hatred of Vista into every thread that you can - even those that are totally unrelated to the subject - and seem to think that if you make enough noise about something it must be true.

I can quite understand someone who says "I don't like this, and I'm not going to touch it with a ten-foot pole", but to operate what looks very much like a vendetta against an operating system, and then to grab a paragraph from some other site and say "the reality is not readily printed?" is not acceptable - you have absolutely no evidence on which to base the allegation that the site isn't telling the truth, other than your strongly biased opinion.

As for "seekers of truth and justice in this world who who will not be easily silenced." I think you've watched too many TV dramas - Vista is a computer operating system, not a nuclear weapons programme.

  tullie 08:54 12 Aug 2007

Who are these so called seekers of truth and justice?

  Forum Editor 09:03 12 Aug 2007

They're self-appointed, and usually to be found in web forums.

  skidzy 13:22 12 Aug 2007

What really makes me giggle is:
Does everyone who encounters Vista problems,slate the operating system ? no i dont think so.

Lets take a step back,did XP come fool proof,NO it did not and still is not.So why should Vista be the perfect operating system.

We all have computer issues at some time in our life,either user error or os problems...this will continue so what ever operating system.

Lets make a note of one thing,sixty million copies sold of Vista to date (roughly) and we only really hear of the problems.
If everyone who has bought a Vista pc or laptop,or an upgrade version could post there opinions...now that would be interesting.

  [email protected] 14:04 12 Aug 2007

it tries my patience, but you all know that! have found out why only 3 gb of ram shows, there is over 1 gb used for video. now thats a lot of memory, the xp pc has a slightly better gpu and half the ram and at this time is by far my first choice. mainly for smoothness of games and my simple brain finds changing anything on vista incredibly over complex. there are areas which xp suffered, de-frag, security system restore which i hoped they would have improved and we get a cut down 'violent' de-frag looks like issues with restore and windows defender.
overall it's getting better still very enigmatic and needs a lot of work before i would put it on main pc.

  JYPX 14:14 12 Aug 2007

skidzy - By all means take a step back. However there is one big difference. When XP came out lots of people decided to hang on to Windows 98/ME just because they had no burning desire to change. What I do NOT recall, is people going out and buying new copies of 98/ME 12 months after XP came out ! And that of course is exactly what is happening with Vista. And Microsoft are forcasting that millions (22% of buyers) are going to choose XP over the next year - astonishing.
I am not a Vista hater. Had it on my laptop for a while and I think it's OK.

  Kate B 15:04 12 Aug 2007

What you don't hear is the millions of people who have no problems with Vista saying "hey, I like Vista, it works for me". Those with problems are always going to be the vocal ones.

4gig, when are you going to give up trolling this forum? Surely you must be bored of it by now, you've been through so many different incarnations. Don't you get the message each time you're banned?

  4gig 22:59 12 Aug 2007

Your lack of awareness only goes to show one the hugh gulf within journalistic sensitivities and challenges.

For example take the FE who is a class act and a very skilled performer and you...!

Please note that I posted this thread in Speakers Corner and everything that I have pointed out above,in my opinion, is true.

I am entitled to show my negative feelings towards a commercial product that I purchased and then find to be 'not fit for purpose' but is paraded as wonderful.

I am only too aware that any hint of criticism to-wards the print media is seen by you as trolling but that is very naïve stance.

As you said on many occasions "get over it".

  Kate B 23:08 12 Aug 2007

What on earth are you talking about?

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