why microsoft offers me the driver updates?

  bnd 17:49 10 May 2008


I have hp-compaq notebook with windows vista home basic 32 bit preinstalled.

The windows update feature offered me some driver updates.

The HP drive update utility also offered me the driver updates for same components.

I thought it better to install the updates offered by HP.

But strangely, microsoft is still continuously offereing me those updates as optional updates.

I have been ignoring that offer because HP utility says my machine is uptodate, no driver updates are needed.

Now I am worried because I am not getting the offer for vista sp1.

Shall I get the offer from microsoft (for vista sp1) after I install the driver updates offered by microsoft?

And should I install those updates even thogh HP says my machine is uptodate? (Will it cause any trouble?)

I have been seeking the help from HP but either they are not competent enough to sort out the problem or they are least bothered about the customer service. So far I have not got the satisfactory reply from them.

Can I get some advice here


  anskyber 21:09 10 May 2008


In turn, if you downloaded from HP then assuming it's the same update you can forget the MS one. If you are in any doubt just install the MS one but the simplest way is to right click on the MS update and choose hide. You will not be bothered again but if you wish you can reveal it again.

SP1 is another matter. Firstly it is coming out in phases so it may be a while for you. Secondly the SP1 will NOT be offered to you if the system detects you have a problematic issue such as a driver. Once the driver has been fixed it will be offered to you by MS updates and then so will SP1.

It could be that if the driver is the one you need to accept then SP1 will then be offered.

If it was me I would accept the MS update and see how it goes......

Good luck.

  sunny staines 02:50 11 May 2008

the hp are more up to date.

  bnd 07:24 11 May 2008

Thanks anskyber and sunny stains.

I was thinking on the same lines.

I thought the driver created by HP would be more appropriate as makers of drivers are the makers of the hardware. So I decided to ignore MS offer.

Secondly I have absolutely no issues with my machine. Its running fine.

May be by accepting MS offer for driver updates I will be offered sp1 afterwords.

I was curious whether the same thing happened to others.

I would like to know whether not installing sp1 will cause me any security threats and/or no offer for post sp1 updates ?

If that is the case I will install the updates offered by MS.

But I will wait for more responses. I am not in a hurrry for sp1 (provided it doesn't block further updates)

Thanks everybody.

  anskyber 08:20 11 May 2008

Waiting for SP1 will not make any difference to your general security.

The main changes are "under the hood" and relate to system efficiency.

  Forum Editor 09:11 11 May 2008

that come from the hardware manufacturer - Microsoft itself doesn't write drivers, it simply certifies them for use with whatever version of Windows you're using.

If you have the latest drivers direct from the manufacturer you can safely ignore those you're being offered by Microsoft - they're probably the same ones. Alternatively you can tell the updater to install them, it won't do any harm.

If your Vista system qualifies for the SP1 release you'll be offered it, and it will not expose you to additional known security threats.

  anskyber 09:24 11 May 2008

Yes. Just to add to the FE's point, the chances are the driver will be the same one.

An example, I updated my video card driver from the manufacturer and later the same day I was offered an update from MS. It was unsurprisingly the same driver so I just hid it. I could have installed it as another option.

  bnd 12:57 11 May 2008

Thanks FE and anskeyber

So now I have three options for further action.

1) Do nothing. Don't accept MS offer, don't install SP1 via manual download. (I have downloaded SP1)

2) Install drivers offered by MS and see if SP1 is offered by MS.

3) Install downloaded SP1 (without installing MS offered driver updates) and see what happens.

Thanks everybody

  bnd 13:11 11 May 2008

Sorry, I forgot to mention.

Comments on those options are greatly appriciated.


  Forum Editor 16:38 11 May 2008

isn't going to trigger the offer of SP1. If you have downloaded it manually and want to install it, go ahead - you don't have to wait until it's offered, it's your computer, you make the decision.

Try not to get too tied up in this - SP1 isn't the be all and end all of computing, it's a service pack, and should be treated as such. If you want it then go ahead, your computer should be just fine, but if it's not you can always uninstall SP1.

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