Who's gonna pay?

  LastChip 23:14 01 Nov 2006

Microsoft releases prices for Vista in the USA - $399 for Vista Ultimate. click here

I wonder what that will translate into when it comes to the UK market. It seems my prediction of £250-£300 a while back, is not a mile away from reality.

Sorry Microsoft. There's no way I would pay that for an operating system. It's becoming a nonsense.

  Forum Editor 01:37 02 Nov 2006

Vista Home basic edition for £154.99

Home premium edition will cost £189.99

Most home users will go for one of these versions.

The business version will cost £254.99 and the Ultimate version will be £325

There's no secret about these prices, they've been known for a long time. You can pre-order on Amazon.

  bow1 09:23 02 Nov 2006

If what I read in Micro Mart is true I wont be parting with that kind of money.

Apparently microsoft has said it will be limiting the number of machines to which vista can be transferred to just one.

Apparently, computers now have longer life-spans, so you are unlikely to want to upgrade your PC after switching to vista until the next operating system comes out.

Now if that also includes upgrading components then I,d at best get 8 months use for my £190 and at worst 6_7 weeks, i,m constantly upgrading something or other.

No Value.

In the 3 or so years I,ve had XP my PC has totally changed and I just reactivate each time it asks.

If F.E. can shed any light on this I,d be appreciative.

  anskyber 10:52 02 Nov 2006

I think the Home Premium Upgrade is going to be about £100 or thereabouts, so yes, in time, I shall rush in leaving the angels behind.

  tell_boy 16:15 02 Nov 2006

Dont expect all the familiar software you have bought over the past couple of years to work seamlessly. I will not bother until I hear all the gripes and moans about this.

  Jon Storm 16:35 02 Nov 2006

I'm not paying £150-190 pounds for a new operating system unless I really really need it. Nothing I've read about Vista to date indicates that I do. What will it do for me that XP can't?

  De Marcus™ 17:23 02 Nov 2006

I am, I like what I see in the beta's so I'll be handing over me green's. I'll be dual booting until I'm confident all my software is stable or I can find alternate versions.

  Forum Editor 18:38 02 Nov 2006

that most of the people who have downloaded and used the Vista release candidate like it, and the ones I've spoken to say they'll definitely be upgrading.

It seems that Vista does a good job of persuading people, once they've tried it.

  LastChip 19:18 02 Nov 2006

I've used RC1 quite extensively now in a testing environment and frankly, I've nothing against it. But we have to remember, that is the equivalent of Vista Ultimate.

In my view, there is not sufficient reason to tell anyone to go out and pay £325. Let's get this in perspective, you can almost buy a laptop for that amount of money now. It's also worth remembering, £325 is about $585 at current exchange rates. I have to ask myself, why the British consumer is being asked to pay something like a 30% premium compared to the USA. Further, much of the IT industry that I come into contact with are actually quite negative about Vista, only in as much as there is not a good enough reason to upgrade.

That's all I'm saying. I'm not over critical of it as operating systems go, but in my view, it is very over-priced.

In fact, since Kubuntu has such a lot going for it (I'm not into games), I can see little reason to continue using Windows apart from one or two specialist programs I use, but at a push, they will run adequately on Win 98 and will certainly run happily in W2K.

I've no doubt there will be many people who will part with their cash and good luck to them; but not me!

  lisa02 19:45 02 Nov 2006

So are OEM systems gonna hike up in price?

  sunny staines 16:40 03 Nov 2006

anyone got the list of upgrade prices as that is what most of us will be buying

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