Who would still buy a Windows XP PC?

  paul trotter 15:39 26 Apr 2007

Quick bit of reader research for a news story we're putting together.

Microsoft is to stop supplying Windows XP licences next January, but a lot of PC makers are still reporting demand for XP machines (including Dell). If you were in need of a new PC over the next six months (and beyond!) would you still buy an XP system, and if so, why?

Paul Trotter, Editor

  anskyber 15:52 26 Apr 2007

No. Vista is too good as an OS.

  Pine Man 15:54 26 Apr 2007

Definitely not.

The majority of problems associated with Vista are being experienced by upgraders. Those who have bought a new PC with Vista installed are having a much smoother run.

  Kate B 16:58 26 Apr 2007

Paul, worth asking in Consumerwatch or the Helproom? I think you're possibly asking the wrong audience here - by definition, most of us are already Vista users. And no, I would hate to go back to XP.

  Dipso 17:01 26 Apr 2007

I agree with Pine Man's comments, I have no driver issues etc as my PC came with Vista pre-installed.

I definitely wouldn't buy an XP machine now Vista is out but would perhaps wait until more Vista compatible free security software is available with hindsight...too tight to pay!

I wonder why people are still preferring XP for new purchases, are they hearing bad reports from people who have upgraded or that Vista is more resource hungry? Fear of something new?

I found Vista slow on start up in comparison with XP but I've found a way around that already.

  darrenrichie 17:39 26 Apr 2007

Why change something if you are happy with it? A lot of people are happy with XP and see no reason (other than stylish elements) to change to Vista. I run XP and am in no rush to go to Vista as the Upgrade advisor singled out too many issues with upgrading at this moment. I think that people are quick to dismiss older products/software without realising that just because something is new doesn't make it automatically better. I will let Vista grow before i change and only if my system will run the same as or better than it does now.

  Forum Editor 18:00 26 Apr 2007

that there will be people who will choose to stay with Windows XP when they order a new computer, but they'll be a very small minority.

The default operating system for all suppliers - including Dell - will be Vista, people will have to 'opt out' as it were, and I can't see the average computer user being bothered to do that, or having any reason to do so. New Vista machines run smoothly, straight out of the box, and the only likely issues will be the old favourites - driver and application incompatibilities. These will both become far less of an issue over the next six months or so, as happened with Windows XP.

It's all a bit of a storm in a teacup.

  Totally-braindead 00:07 27 Apr 2007

If I was buying a brand new system with an OS ready installed and it had enough memory and a decent graphics card I would probably go for Vista. If I couldn't afford a lot of memory and a graphics card I would be happy to settle for XP as I think it would run better. And at the moment theres still drivers unavailable. If I could buy all new kit, printers, scanners, etc then fine, if not XP would have to be considered.
For me it would depend on my budget.
I might be the exception with this option as I tried Vista on my PC had had a few problems - hence went back to XP. I will try Vista again in a few months time.

Ask me in 6 months time and I would probably say no I want Vista, at the moment it would depend.

  sunny staines 08:15 27 Apr 2007

A new pc with vista instaled the answer must be yes as it is the way forward and the future.

But to upgrade to a self build or a already built pc its not worth it with the rip off price here in the UK, plus having to buy upgrades for some software programmes to run with vista. Having run the beta, drivers were mainly ok other than liteon dvd drive that vista would not read.

  provider 2 11:00 27 Apr 2007

Paul, my neighbour is in exactly the position to which you refer and looking at Dell for the XP option.
He doesn`t like fiddling with computers much BUT he does like digital photography and all the things that can be done with it on a pc. He seems to be thinking that he would much rather get on with what he wants to do than spend time getting the OS to work with his quite dated equipment and he has heard of people having problems in this area.
I have referred him to the PCA site,of course,to read the latest comments on these issues.

  PaulB2005 11:05 27 Apr 2007

Have helped many people find PCs with XP over Vista due to Vista high spec requirements (to run well) and lack of drivers for older hardware / software. Haven't found many who are rushing to embrace Vista.

Still running RC2 here - dual boot with XP - but i would CONSIDER Vista for a new PC.

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