Where will you buy vista (plus upgrade question)

  Major Disaster 17:06 04 Jan 2007

Just out of interest, i am wondering where (if at all) you plan on buying vista from?

Wheres got the best prices? Online / instore?

Question time!
What do you need to qualify for upgarde editions? I Have XP MCE at the moment, can i buy the Home Premium or even Ultimate upgrade editions?

Any difference between upgrade / retail?

Can you but vista in the US (much cheaper!) and then use it over here?

Thanks guys

  Chris-347369 08:19 05 Jan 2007

All the prices i've seen are pretty much the same online but i'll be buying from Amazon.

You will be able to buy the upgrade edition of Premium or Ultimate to install over XP MCE.

Differences between retail and upgrade:

Retail can be installed on any PC providing is it is installed only on one PC at a time.

Upgrade can only be installed on a PC which already has pre-installed one of the qualifying operating systems.

This page describes which versions can be upgraded: click here

  Coltch 09:31 05 Jan 2007

Just looked on Amazon (US) $379.99 = £195.66! for Vista Ultimate full retail

Amazon (UK) = £369.99 for the same product, what a rip off.

if I could buy & install the US version in the UK I would definately look into it.

  ulrich 12:46 06 Jan 2007

I am saving my pennies to build a new pc and I will buy an OEM version.

  PaulB2005 12:59 06 Jan 2007

"Just looked on Amazon (US) $379.99 = £195.66! for Vista Ultimate full retail

Amazon (UK) = £369.99 for the same product, what a rip off."

Can someone please explain why we have this situation?

  lisa02 18:42 06 Jan 2007

Market differences.

  PaulB2005 14:40 07 Jan 2007

Which means what exactly? That we will pay more for the same thing than the US?

  Forum Editor 15:59 07 Jan 2007

"....Although the current dollar / pound exchange rate is high comparative to the beginning of 2006 it's not unprecedented in the context of fluctuations over the past few years. Other factors impact the price of Microsoft products, not least the costs incurred in delivering European packaging and settings plus the cost of marketing in many languages. In addition the scale and volume of the US market will drive a price differential"

Does that make sense of the problem?

Let me know what you think, before I let you know who said it.

  lisa02 16:43 07 Jan 2007

That's what they tell ya. I think it's codswallop.

  PurplePenny 18:11 07 Jan 2007

No, it sounds like an excuse. How do European prices compare to Canadian? How are the costs incurred in delivering European packaging and settings any higher than those for the US? Are European translators more expensive? They must already translate into French and Spanish for the North American market and countless other languages for the rest of the world: the translation costs must already be built in to the cost oif development so why are they additional to the end price? Why is it more expensive to produce European packaging?

How will the scale and volume of the US market drive a price differential? Europe has a much bigger population than North America: the percentage of computer users may be smaller but I believe that the actual number of computer users in the two regions is around the same.

I realise that they have to pay all sorts of local costs but that is probably also true across states (or indeed between the US and Canada): do they charge different prices depending on how expensive it is to rent office space in a state or whether they produce a Spanish version for that state?

(P.S. "before I let you know who said it" I didn't know; I do now. I'm a librarian: how could I leave such a challenge unanswered?)

  Chris-347369 20:12 07 Jan 2007

The problem is the market.

Enough people are willing to pay the price Microsoft have set so therefore Microsoft won't lower it. If the market can no longer sustain that price it'll decrease but we may be waiting some time for that.

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