Where is it?

  skeletal 11:25 30 Jan 2007

Where is it??

It is today isn’t it??

I waited for the postman, and all he bought was a gas bill. I thought it was my upgrade CD, but it definitely didn’t fit in the drive.

And I’ve just looked at nVidia’s site for the Vista drivers, and I can’t see any.

Has anyone got their CD?

Have you upgraded OK (no fresh installs allowed)?


  ed-0 13:14 30 Jan 2007

I saw your hopefull remark in the other post, re vista.

If it is anything like the HP \ compaq site. I think you are looking at 4 to 6 weeks to receive the disk \ disks:-(

  Kate B 18:21 30 Jan 2007

Don't talk to me about Nvidia nforce drivers *gnash* In fact I emailed the US PR chief about it today - I'll let you know what he says.

  skeletal 20:06 30 Jan 2007

Me, hopeful?? No...

I'll watch for the postman again tomorrow...

I really must remember to take my pills.


  kinger 20:18 30 Jan 2007

When you upgrade via HP, you will also receive a drivers disk too.

This should enable you to upgrade with everything you need (smile).

  kinger 20:20 30 Jan 2007

I've been advised from the place of my new PC purchase that my HP upgrade Vista disk will be with me 2nd Feb 2007.

I'm looking forward to getting stuck in.

  ed-0 21:25 30 Jan 2007

Keep taking the pills ;-)

Did Evesham give you some sort of estimated time when you might receive the disks?


That would be great if HP get them shipped in the first week.

  skeletal 22:33 30 Jan 2007

No, I’ve not had any indications when the discs may appear. In the past I have ordered games and, once a release date has been given, I have always had them either on the release day, or the day before.

I actually think it is a bit of a poor show if discs take more than a couple of days to appear...even if, being serious for a moment, I won’t actually install straight away for all the usual reasons (not least of which there being no drivers for heavens sake!)


  Design Print Studio 14:34 18 Feb 2007

Nvidia Graphics Drivers are still in beta would you believe it!

  Jswalker 15:24 18 Feb 2007

I did an upgrade from an OEM disc* this week. In the end I decided to revert to XP for the time being, because not all my applications work in Vista yet, but the upgrade process itself went smoothly. I had to convert my laptop's C: drive from FAT32 to NTFS beforehand, and spent some time downloading drivers and utilities from my laptop manufacturer's website (Asus), including video drivers for Nvidia?

*I got fed up with waiting for my "express" upgrade disc - Moduslink's site says POP validated but no shipping date.........

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