Where has my Internet Explorer icon gone

  tony-guitar 12:01 26 May 2013

My pc is under a year old, and for most of that time there have been 2 IE icons on the task bar, one for the 32bit and one for 64bit. I don't remember how I came to have both, however, the other night when shutting down, the usual box appears telling me an update is being installed prior to shutdown. The next day, one of the icons was replaced by a white blank oblong shape. Clicking it, a box appeared informing me that the program has been deleted or removed. The following day, the white box has disappeared. I still have the remaining icon and IE works fine, but I have 3 questions, 1) What happened? 2) How do I check which version of IE I've been left with?(I suspect it's the 32bit) and 3) If it's the 64bit that's gone, how do I get it back. Thanks for any help

  alanrwood 15:09 26 May 2013

Windows update probably updated your computer from Internet Explorer 9 to Internet Explorer 10 so the original link no longer worked.

  tony-guitar 16:12 26 May 2013

Thanks guys. I/E 64bit isn't listed in All Programs (although I remember it used to be) so I guess it must be the 32bit. As for v9 or 10, i'll look at the Help menu for clues.

  tony-guitar 16:24 26 May 2013

I've just checked and it is indeed I/E 10

  alanrwood 20:02 26 May 2013

32 bit or 64 bit??

  Number six 23:03 26 May 2013

You still have 32-bit and 64-bit versions of IE10. This explains all:

IE10 on Windows 7

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