When playing video sound out of sync

  mcds01 14:34 17 Nov 2007


As the title says my sound is out of sync when I playback video files. ITs not the files as I have them on another (XP) system and there is no issue there.

The strange thing is it only happens when the video is running full screen. Its ok the rest of the time.

Also happens on DVD playback.

Another issue which may be related is that music playback in windows media player can be very jumpy when playing music from the hard drive.

Any ideas?

I have a clean install of Windows Vista Home Basic on a 2Ghz, 1Gig RAM Acer Laptop.


  Totally-braindead 17:57 17 Nov 2007

It could be a speed thing. And if so I don't know if theres a lot you could do. You could try some more RAM as I assume that part of the RAM is being used for the graphics and Vista is very memory hungry.

A friends laptop is exactly the same when playing DVDs he has a slow Celeron processor and now has 1.5 gig of RAM so memory might not help you but its the only suggestion I have.

If he plays it in a smaller screen its ok its only when he goes full screen it does this.

  mcds01 10:13 18 Nov 2007

You think a RAM Upgarde would help?

  topdude 20:59 19 Nov 2007

Sounds like your CPU is struggling to process both sound and quite demanding video at the same time so sound sync is suffering. Is it possible you have a low speed CPU and low speed integrated graphics which are unable to cope with the demand ?
One suggestion is to do a search for info on "stopping programs running at startup" using "msconfig" and reduce the demand on the CPU.

  RobotsAnger 05:52 20 Nov 2007

Try playing your videos with a program called VLC and tell me if it runs better, it might be a codec issue.

  mcds01 22:16 20 Nov 2007

Vlc plays ok.

Would like windows media player to work properly though.

I have the latest drivers for my video/sound cards.

running K-Lite mega codec pack 3.5.3

  RobotsAnger 05:16 21 Nov 2007

Try installing CCCP codec pack see if it runs on with Window Media Player.

  mcds01 21:29 22 Nov 2007

So I uninstalled the K-Lite codecs and installed the CCCP ones and now it wont play DVDs at all!?

  mcds01 22:29 22 Nov 2007

gives the following error:

Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. You might need to adjust your Windows display settings. Open display settings in Control Panel, and then try lowering your screen resolution and color quality settings

  RobotsAnger 23:46 22 Nov 2007

Can it play with MPC (media player classic)? Look in your cccp folder in program files, it should be automatically installed when you installed CCCP. If you can play it then it's a codec problem and you'll just have to find the right set of codecs to work with you comp.

  mcds01 20:41 25 Nov 2007

Plays perfectky in MPC.

Any ideas on what codecs to try?

Dunno if this matters but its a RADEON Express 200M Series Display Adapter.


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