Whats your problem count??

  Wizards_Sleeve 16:36 03 May 2007

Right then people, out of interest, whats your problem count and how many have solutions???

So far I am on 114 with no solutions!! A few of them I know whats the matter, ie it don't work yet with vista!

To get there just type Problem in the search and its the Problem Reports and Solutions.

So see if you can beat 114, btw I installed on the 5th of april.

  Pine Man 16:40 03 May 2007

Been running since 27th February and my total count is 1 yes ONE!

Mine came pre-installed on a new PC. Says it all doesn't it.

  Input Overload 17:29 03 May 2007

I installed around 6 weeks ago on this Pc that had XP Pro on, & I have no problems. (0)

  [email protected] 17:35 03 May 2007

depends on software you run, graphics apps and games will pull up hundreds on any pc, because pretty much all of them are compatibilty issues, others, who knows, i have just had a top spec pc delivered with a clean install of vista, expecting the world, again, and again i find it like striding through treacle, sorry for my negativity, but a £450 compac presaio which i modded myself with no knowledge and little sense which has xp home installed (wipes the floor on any game, any benchmark, even halo2 which only works with vista) with a very top spec pc!
since 1400 today 43 reported errors.
utterly disapointed!

  Wizards_Sleeve 18:36 03 May 2007

Yeah,they are nearly all gaming related. So if i didnt do any gaming, my vista problems would be 38!

  [email protected] 19:34 03 May 2007

hmm! strangley, i have some new ones i didnt have before! 'internet explorer probs' media player probs' and a not critical error, what ever that is?
i just find vista painfully over engineered, all the security uac etc i can do with my av programs.
sorry about moaning im having a nightmare and it's only my fault. i just find on my xp machine can can see how powerfull the pc is by the quickness it handles programs and windows etc, i now have a quad extreme pc and when i click a program a window slowly fades into focus and when i close it it slowly fades away? i dont need that!
i want directx 10 thats all, i really find nothing else on vista that isnt on, and better on xp, 34 running processes on xp with nis 2007, 51 on vista with, as yet no av, why?

  Wizards_Sleeve 23:51 07 May 2007

117 and counting!!

  simon_lambert 20:33 08 May 2007

These companies who make the software/hardware have had 5 years to make their good compatible for Vista!! How can it be that after all that time, its only now that they are starting to realise that they need to get their ass into gear and do something about it?!

I think Vista is awesome, it is not MS fault that the OS has problems.

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