Whats happening with my C drive?

  sueann1 23:57 01 Apr 2008

My C drive for some reason keeps creeping up in % used, this is in GB and not MB!! I recently installed a external drive and work in that so i can't understand what is happening and can't find any large additional files. My computer is split between a C and a D. I managed to free about 15 gigs just doing a defrag and a disc clean last week but this has creeped up again. Can anyone throw some light on why this is happening, it is a huge increase. I have 80% free on D and about only 30% free on my C, total drive space 160gig. Thank you.

  Fried~Chips 00:34 02 Apr 2008

file path of saved data or something has been going over 2 your wrong partition.
Can you explain which drives are which deveices inc the DVD etc.

  mrwoowoo 02:49 02 Apr 2008

system restore takes up 15% of your hard drive.
If you have recently formated your drive or bought a new pc, then system restore will keep taking up more disc space until it reaches 15%.
I know you did a disc clean,but did you do it this way.

Fire up the Disk Cleanup Manager for Windows and select “Files from all Users on this computer”.
On the next dialog select the C drive. After scaning the disk for a while it should show a few options. Select the more options tab and then click the Clean up… button under System Restore and Shadow Copies.
If this turns out to be the cause,you can restrict the amount of space system restore uses to stop your disc filling up too much.

  mooly 08:20 02 Apr 2008

This is something I wondered about, and I can't explain this but it happens. I use Acronis TI for backups and have noticed on more than one occasion that if I restore from a backup just made that the new free space can shoot up, perhaps by as much as 3 to 4 GB on a 53 GB partition. How is free space calculated anyone ? Also I use defrag from a command line prompt to defrag all file sizes and this can actually reduce the free space showing. It all averages out and comes back though. mrwoowoo's advise is good, this may be all you need to do.

  sueann1 11:28 02 Apr 2008

If this is a stupid question please forgive me. Am I able to merge the 2 partions c and d into one to save me keep worrying about my c drive all the time I have 80% free on the d data which doesnt seem to budge.

  sueann1 13:52 02 Apr 2008

mrwoowoo I did what you suggested 'click the Clean up… button under System Restore and Shadow Copies.' I only gained about 5gb, so just can't understand why it has crept up so much in past couple of days. How can I restrict the amount that is being used? what is a good amount to restrict it to?

friedchips - I have a d data, c, and an e dvd and f which is my external.

Thank you for your help

  brundle 14:40 02 Apr 2008
  mrwoowoo 17:36 02 Apr 2008

Ihave a single 500gb hard drive with 75gb(15%),used by system restore.
As you rarely need to go back a long war with restore,i limited this to 45gb.
If you do this,it makes it more important to regularly backup your files,
click here
Can you tell me the size of both your drives.
brundles link is a good one,and shows how many different things it can be.

  sueann1 17:51 02 Apr 2008

My d drive is 70.9gb with 56.8 free and my c drive is 71.2gb with only 32.8 free. I went out and bought a 500 gb external HD at the weekend and been using that. It just seems a waste on my d drive as the useage doesn't budge at all, my c drive useage goes up and down like a yo-yo when I am not actually storing anything on it. Maybe if I can't figure it out just take it to PC world and have a larger internal drive installed.

  mrwoowoo 18:46 02 Apr 2008

You could try this download to show you what is taking up ypur disc space.
It works with vista but with a few minor bugs(2.1 version).The 2.2 vista version will be out soon.
click here

  sueann1 11:06 05 Apr 2008

My 32gb free has just depleated to 11gb!! All I have been doing is converting DVDs for WMM but on my external F drive I have not been using my c drive at all. I have just done a clean which said it would free 11gb but have been left with only 17gb so it didn't free up the full 11gb it said it would. mrwoowoo I am gonna take a look at your download above I hope it is easy on my not so techo-babble brain. Thank you.

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