What is SLI?

  Pine Man 19:09 21 Feb 2007

I keep reading threads about NVidia and SLI but have no idea what it is other than I have a new PC coming with an Asus SLI mobo and NVidia 7300GS graphics card, which is also SLI. It will come with preinstalled Vista Premium.

Will the PC work if it hasn't got the correct drivers. Will Aero work without the correct drivers.

I am not into games apart from MS Flight Simulator and (don't laugh!) MS Train Simulator occasionally.

  anskyber 19:24 21 Feb 2007

It's a way of linking two graphics cards together to give larger graphics processing power.

  Kate B 19:25 21 Feb 2007

SLI stands for scalable link interface, which is Nvidia's take on running two graphics cards together for better gaming performance. Unfortunately, driver support is patchy for SLI in Vista, which is annoying those of us with two cards.

  crosstrainer 06:43 22 Feb 2007

At the moment, sli support for vista is flaky to say the least... I also use flight sim (x) but run it under xp which does support sli correctly. The latest word on sli drivers for Vista varies, but mid March seems to be the latest info. I have not tried flight Sim on my Vista machine 'cause cannot get sli to work as yet. The bottom line is we just have to wait for Nvidia to release new drivers.

  Pine Man 08:53 22 Feb 2007

Many thanks all - it is now my understanding that if I am only using one graphics card I won't have a problem?

  crosstrainer 09:10 22 Feb 2007

From what you have provided as your system spec, although you only have one graphics card it has 2 gpu's and is sli.... you will have the same problems as the rest of us poor sods all waiting for drivers.

  Pine Man 12:03 22 Feb 2007


Will aero work?

  crosstrainer 12:14 22 Feb 2007

Works ok on mine with the non sli vista drivers available from click here look for the vista drivers for your card and choose 32bit (if thats the version you are running) it's unlikely you would get the 64 bit version yet as drivers are virtually non existant

  Pine Man 13:49 22 Feb 2007

Thanks for your help.

My new PC arrives next week and I can't help wondering, after reading all the various Vista threads, just how Vista ready it actually is going to be!

  crosstrainer 14:17 22 Feb 2007

It is a lot better overall, most of the problems people are having are due to driver issues... although all my network wireless gear is supported, I am having to use Beta sound drivers, non sli graphics drivers and as yet no driver available for my network all in one printer. I am lucky enough to own 2 desktops and a laptop, where all my important data is still runnin XP, the second desktop is of much higher spec than this one dual core fx 2x 7800 gt graphics so I will not be putting vista on it yet. Same applies to the laptop. This machine is my Vista playground.. If it crashes I lose nothing important.

  Pine Man 14:47 22 Feb 2007

My present machine, on which I run XP, has got one foot (and an arm or two) in the grave and I was going to break it for parts when my new Vista machine arrived. NOT ANY MORE!

I will try and breathe some more life into this old one and run it alongside the Vista one for a while, probably a long while!

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