What problems With Vista?

  smoking44 21:43 28 Sep 2007

Been running Vista since it first came out, like XP I waited until software suppliers caught up with new technology. Now with Vista I had to change some software that were able to achieve the same result as with XP. As of now I have a lovely PC running Vista Ultimate with no problems. The compatability mode has worked for me in some instanstances when no vista updates were available.

Premises of this if you do not know what your PC is capable of then stick to XP and stop moaning.

  tullie 22:57 28 Sep 2007

Quite a few software vendors have still not caught up

  J B 10:13 29 Sep 2007

I agree, I run Vista home premium and it runs really well. Won't go back to XP. J.B.

  Pine Man 10:45 29 Sep 2007

Nobody slagging off Vista....yet!

I have had Home Premium since the beginning of the year and it has been great. It was a fresh install and the only problem (minor) that I had was as a result of Creative not developing new audio drivers.

XP....wasn't that the o/s that was a real pain when it was introduced with driver, security & compatability problems etc? Funny how short some peoples memories are - or is it selective amnesia?

That should bring them out of the woodwork!

  J B 19:54 29 Sep 2007

A distinct aversion to change is another one that comes to mind. J.B.

  Jimmy14 19:57 29 Sep 2007

I have used Vista since January and a few months ago I went back to XP. I think it clearly needs a lot of work. Windows Mail crashes constantly and I reinstalled Vista a few times because I thought it was something else causing it but obviously it wasn't and I searched it on Google and there was hundreds of forums with users reporting the same thing. After upgrading my RAM to 2Gb I notice that when I'm running just a few programs it uses around 50% (1Gb) when Xp would use about 300mb with the same amount of applications open. I would rather use my 2Gb on a operating system that I will get the most out of. I seen someone installing the beta of SP1 for Vista and they ended up having to reinstall Vista because it broke the computer. I also think it has issues with hard drive activity upon startup which is nothing compared to XP. I use a lot of freeware applications such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Firefox, I-tunes and so on and they were originally written for Windows XP so work at their optimal performance on XP. If they all got re-written they would probably be excellent on Vista. I am moving to Mac OS X Leopard on a new imac at christmas anyway.

  [email protected] 20:15 29 Sep 2007

i have vista and xp, the vista pc is used less and less for the same reasons, it's fairly stable i suppose, but i often find any boot orders or settings are back to recommended without my sayso. i dont need 4 gb of ram or 1.2 gb of video ram for an operating system, every vista only game works on xp at unbelievable speeds on a system with half the ram, the aero was a novelty which has now left me. i think with vista time will tell. im also trying a mac.

  fishface113 21:31 29 Sep 2007

I have used Vista for about 6 months. It has not been without problems but on balance it is still a far nicer environment to be in. Routine tasks are much easier and I find hardware control far superior (as long as you can get drivers) lol.

I think its about a matter of taste,

  J B 18:16 30 Sep 2007

I have read that some people have been moving to Apple because of their disatifaction with Vistaor MS in general and that must make Steve Jobs laugh all the way to the bank. I was reading a tthread from another forum and this person made a relevent remark and I quote: "Apple have produced a good, solid OS that works wonderfully well on Apple hardware - but there's the rub! Until (and unless) they release their OS for universal use on hardware platforms other than their own, then I for one am not interested".

That quote, in two sentences says it all I think. There is nothing further to add. J.B.

  Esso43 14:08 01 Oct 2007

Well I have had Vista for approx 3-4 months and although generally it is ok I have had 32 blue screen of death type failures. That doesn't include the ones where the system just froze. Now this is all on a new PC and so it maybe the PC is unstable but in all the time I have run XP pro on 3 different machines I have not had this many BSD incidents I haven't yet transfered all my software onto the new machine as I am concerned it will become less stable than it is now.

I will be sticking with it but I am not impressed, XP was a far better introduction.

  DieSse 14:19 01 Oct 2007

Headline from PCAdvisor publicity email (recently rec'd)



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