What is the point of the Metro Interface?

  Stephanie 09:34 17 Mar 2012

On a regular desktop PC I can see no point in the Metro interface. Looking at the number of posts about removing it, I suspect I am not alone. On a regular mouse and keyboard setup it seems messy, unattractive and pointless. Furthermore it is not user friendly if you have an existing arrangement of data that is non-standard. Why can I not point to the actual location of my photos from within the 'Photos' tile? Why would I want to see my Facebook photos on here when I already have them in a folder locally?

I confess to having a (possibly) pathological liking for a clear, empty desktop so I find Metro visually unpleasant but the fact that it is not even useful organisationally just adds insult to injury. I don't believe that PCs are used in the same way as tablets and smart phones. My PC is where I work. My iPad is my lazy leisure appliance and serves its purpose well, but I wouldn't use it as my data organiser.

At the moment, Windows 8 has nothing to offer me over and above Windows 7.

  wiz-king 11:38 17 Mar 2012

Quite. Join the 48% (at the last review) who dislike it for desktops.

  sharpamat 06:44 18 Mar 2012

I think you will find it is far more than 48%, many like myself have removed it. Very unlikeley to purchase unless an alternative is offered and seen first

  Forum Editor 13:10 18 Mar 2012

I think you'll find that the Metro interface has been polished in the release version. It will be possible to customise your desktop layout in a number of ways that should make things more acceptable to people who like to see a fair bit of empty space.

  Condom 22:16 20 Mar 2012


So what do you know that the rest of us would like to know. The only thing I have on my desktop apart from the bottom ribbon is the bin and I would put that in the ribbon as well if I could.

  Forum Editor 23:15 20 Mar 2012


There has been a good deal of debate about the interface, mainly centred around Microsoft's apparent insistence that we should be denied the opportunity to customise our own desktops to any great extent.

There has been - and still is - opposition to this approach, and I think that, come launch time, we'll see that we have the ability to tweak things to a greater extent than at present. Microsoft must know that if it doesn't provide the necessary GUI customisation tools within Windows 8, plenty of third parties will very rapidly do it for us.

I may turn out to be wrong - let's wait and see.

  sharpamat 06:55 21 Mar 2012

Their is already 3rd party software available to do this. I cannot speak for others but for me without seeing any changes working, I will stay with Win 7

  Stephanie 09:08 21 Mar 2012

Me too, I think.

It makes me sad to recall downloading the Windows 7 beta when it first came out and being blown away by the look, the usability, the sheer common sense of Microsoft's approach after the mess of Vista. I know I used it as my main working environment from the off. I only went back to Vista to keep it up to date.

In the current case, I have now removed Windows 8 in sheer irritation.

  Condom 23:39 21 Mar 2012

Thanks for that FE. I have used this new interface with a Nokia and it is great but I really don't think that it will work with a giant screen 2 feet away from me.

Windows 7 is just so good after XP and Vista. It is so stable and usable and for the first time in years I have not had to do any drive wipes in order to get speed back again. I just hope they do not make a camel out of a racehorse.

  Input Overload 08:15 22 Mar 2012

There are advantages to Win 8, one is the gigantic & ever growing folder 'winsxs' is no longer there.

MS asked for users feedback when we installed 8 CP & I have tried to make the point across the net as many have that Metro just does not work with a mouse & keyboard that hundreds of millions will still use for years.

From what the FE says & from other forums MS may hopefully may some changes but if you are unhappy about being forced to use Metro whether you like it or not it's worth letting MS know.

If things don't change substantially though I will eventually move to a different system (AKA Apple) as PC's become old - I've already been using Ubuntu & find it most interesting.

  cwoxford 09:20 30 Mar 2012

To the OP I say "well said!" As someome with over thirty years experience in Windows both using, installing, teaching, problem solving and beta testing since windows 3.0 I am gobsmacked by the arkwardness, un-intuitness, difficulty and general poor layout of windows8. This is supposed to be a evolved windows, but to me is a return to the old days of windows 3.1 where you had two layers working almost together but not quite! As someone who also likes a clear desktop I am not impressed by the windows phone 'metro' interface, if I want that I would use a windows 7.5 phone, as I do! I do not need to have that copied onto my windows front face. My pc is NOT a phone, nor is it a table or notebook or touchscreen laptop. It is my work and play machine for which the mouse and keyboard were designed. Am I going out to pay £200 or more for a touchscreen monitor to sit at arms length...NO CHANCE! Why do I want facebook, tweeter etc on my desktop, I dont use them. I believe the reason for this total change is so that MS can sell more windows phones, I can see no logical reason to have the Metro interface on a desktop. I can see it on a tablet or phone but not otherwise. As a long standing user of MS products and as someonewho has always stood up for MS I can see that windows 7 is the end of windows for pc's. I will contimue to use windows7 until it's demise and only hope something will come along to replace it.

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