What is it going to do for me

  lisa02 00:32 11 Sep 2006

that XP won't?

As far as I'm aware it has a glitzy new outfit and a questionable security overhaul, part from that what are the benefits?

  Shortstop 09:04 11 Sep 2006

I had Win95 for years and saw no reason to upgrade. Then I saw WinXP on a friend's PC. Initially, I thought that it was too 'cartoony' but was won over by its stability and, eventually, even its visual layout as it is not that different from W95 and can be made to look like it [mine does!].

In the end, I had one Blue Screen Of Death too many and took the plunge - and now I am very glad I did.

If Vista is only superfically different, then I won't be changing. I have no use for Media Centre gimmicks nor for an in-built DVD burner - so what IS so different to make me want to pay out and change?



  powerless 12:53 11 Sep 2006
  lisa02 13:03 11 Sep 2006

A few things jump out there... as alarming.

Anything of benefit can be achieved with third party software in XP.

  josie mayhem 13:49 11 Sep 2006

A lot!

Without getting in depth and speaking in laymens terms...

Many of the features offered are quite good, for the adverage user it will be a lot easier to orgainise your work/files

For example

Take the new Photo Gallery, it's lovely really nice and easy to use.

I have 2 digital cameras and had been out shooting yesterday, when I got home it was a case of connect to usb, vista reconnised each camera and loaded all drivers and imported images into folders.

At the end of the import it automaticaly opened the photogallery window and navigation was real easy.

The list goes on....

There a lot more included in it. An adverage user could in fact buy the preium or ultimate edition and have all there needs meet.....

And it will once the finial version is released almost be able to set itself up and have all printers, sound/graphic cards, network up and runing by the time you've finished installing it.

for someone who not very computer savvy this could be a god send for them...

  anskyber 14:22 11 Sep 2006

"for someone who not very computer savvy this could be a god send for them"

Sounds ideal for me then

PS. Laypersons not laymen please!!!

  lisa02 14:28 11 Sep 2006

I can manage all my photos, music and video quite well now. What I don't need is DRM built in telling me you paid for this but you ain't copying it to your mp3 player. Or it flashing up MS haven't approved this software so it ain't running... buy one that has our approvel.

Nothing personal against MS I use their products everyday by choice! but I see no need to change until I need a new computer.

Quite a few things listed in the link state similar to google desktop, copernicus etc when discussing features.


  Shortstop 14:56 11 Sep 2006

I have Nero, Copernic, Aquadock so no need for Windows built in software. I can adequately download and store my pictures [in files of my own choosing] as well as music. I have no 3rd party, accessorised MP3 player do DRM doesn't affect me.

Sorry, but I can use the applications i have already ppurchased well enough and don't want/need to start a learning curve again.

I can see nothing that makes me drool at the thought of Vista and, to me, drool = willing to spend out money.



  DieSse 17:56 11 Sep 2006

Change to an unknown quantity for a massive price.

No thanks - I'll stick with XP and Linux (which is known to be more secure - and is FREE).

  Forum Editor 18:36 11 Sep 2006

I bet you said exactly the same thing when Win XP launched.

  anskyber 19:01 11 Sep 2006

To be a little at odds with some of the thinking about MS. My own view from what I have seen is that it represents excellent value for money if the XP upgrade is priced in the £50-70 bracket.

There are some who spend that much on a keyboard so surely a full OS with the features in the Powerless link has to be worthwhile.

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