What happened??

  rawprawn 21:01 07 Jul 2007

I started my computer after closing down normally and it wouldn't load. I turned it off (the only way I could stop the Microsoft loading green stripes). I then restarted and it went to a page I have not seen before "Start up repair" it repaired, and started but when I rebooted it happened again.I started in safe mode and used System restore, all seems now OK. Any ideas, anyone else had this problem?
Sony Vaio Vista Home Premium

  anskyber 21:07 07 Jul 2007

As I understand it start up repair needs the Vista disc in place to effect the repair. I have not had that problem, no.

I have done 2 system restores in normal (not safe mode) in the 6 months I have had Vista. My system restores took some 40 minutes each.

  [email protected] 21:35 07 Jul 2007

i am experimenting with vista at the moment and have found fixing issues ((only) the clean bit seems fine) with ccleaner, and using reg mech 6 both delete things they're not meant to. in fact i think previous problems i experienced may have been due to me using 3rd party programs. do you use anything similar?

  Kate B 01:38 08 Jul 2007

Hm, I had a couple of tricky startups after the updates of the other day: got as far as the green stripes and then it hung, but started properly when I hit the button. Did you do the updates? I wonder if it was that.

  rawprawn 07:17 08 Jul 2007

anskyber, I didn't have a Vista Disc in place (Ihaven't got one) but this computer has a recovery partition.
adman 2, I do use CCleaner and WinAso but I have had no problems in the past
Kate B, I'm not sure about updates. The machine is set to Auto update and it just gets on with it, although I have a problem in that Windows Defender won't update which is usually associated with a corrupt download file. I have created a new one as suggested by Microsoft but to no avail. However That has been ongoing for some time so I don't think that is the cause.
All seems well this morning but I am going to look at "Problems and Solutions" later to see if I can find anything.

  rawprawn 08:01 08 Jul 2007

The only thing showing in Problems yesterday is that Internet Explorer stopped working, nothing else.
However I changed the registry values for system restore yesterday as per click here
and I note they have been changed back to default values today either by the "Repair" or my using System Restore.
There surely is a lesson there somewhere (If it ain't broke)although I can't be certain that was the cause.

  rawprawn 08:29 08 Jul 2007

When I have used system restore it has taken no more than 10 minutes, probably nearer 5. That is either in normal or safe mode.

  sunny staines 10:30 08 Jul 2007

with your sony do you still get the option from the hidden partition to make two back up dvd's from it one for the operating system and one for the bundled software? [had this with the wife's vaio runing xp] you could then try running repair mode with your OS recovery dvd in the tray to see if vista is able to pick up files from it. a long shot but might help your problems.

  rawprawn 10:54 08 Jul 2007

Hi sunny staines, no you just make a recovery Disc
(2 DVD's)which would get you back to square one.
I have had no more problems today, and I have scanned with WinAso and CCleaner. Ad Aware found a few Data Miner cookies but thats all.
I will tick this as resolved because I am unable to find any faults at all which might lead me to understand what was wrong.
thanks to all for your imput.

  ventanas 10:04 09 Jul 2007

Had this happen once, on my laptop, after an abnormal shutdown. I just cancelled it and tried again, and all is ok since.

Funny that about Int Explorer though. I had the same message with Firefox on Sat night. A reinstall seems to have fixed it.

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