What does the brown button do?

  Graham. 14:02 30 Nov 2008

It says 'Puts the computer in a low-power state'. Is this Hibernate? There is a seperate Sleep function in the drop-down list.

  BurrWalnut 15:18 30 Nov 2008

If it’s the button I’m think of, it’s red (alongside the Search box after clicking Start).

I don’t use it but I think it was Hibernate. I say was (past tense) because I’ve changed it to Shut Down the computer. If you want to do the same, go to the Windows Orb (Start), type cmd and press Enter. Now type POWERCFG.CPL ,1 (the capitals are for clarity only) and press Enter.

Expand ‘Power buttons and lid’. Alongside both ‘Power button action’ and ‘Start menu power button’, click the blue wording dropdown menu (2 of them for laptops) and select Shut Down. In future, to shut down just click the Windows Orb (Start) then the power (red) button.

Any changes that you make can be reversed by clicking ‘Restore plan defaults‘. The changes are for the plan currently in use but it can be set on all plans in the event of you changing to a different one.

  tullie 15:39 30 Nov 2008

Its more brown on mine

  [email protected] 15:53 30 Nov 2008

hmmm, apart from upgrading graphics drivers (red on mine) it's sleep by default i change mine to shut down, it's in power options click here

  rawprawn 18:35 30 Nov 2008

If I hold my curser over it mine says "Keeps your session in memory and puts your computer into a low- power state so that you can quickly resume working"

  [email protected] 18:45 30 Nov 2008

sleep, it never worked properly for me in the very early days, so i changed mine to shut down,havnt tried it since sp1. it's not recomended by my motherboard manufacturer or my graphics driver writer either....'cut paste' yup event viewer shows nvid has slowed pc waking from sleep still!
if you want to change it, device manager> power options> change plan settings> change advanced settings> power button and lid. to be honest i never like leaving pc in sleep.

  Graham. 19:26 30 Nov 2008

So it's Sleep by default, then. I don't get the option to Hibernate.

  User-1229748 19:59 30 Nov 2008

the button is brown when it's for sleep,if you change it to nshut down then it's red.if you want to change it to hibernate then go to control panel-power options and on the left choose what the power buttons do then change it to do what you want it to do :o)

  Graham. 20:06 30 Nov 2008

Things are becoming clearer, thanks.

  Graham. 20:08 30 Nov 2008

That power button is the case one.

  User-1229748 20:18 30 Nov 2008

sorry go to power options-change plan settings-change advanced power settings-power buttons and lid-start menu power button-change to what you want :o)

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