What do you think of Aero?

  Vampire7639 21:32 07 Dec 2006

What do you think of Aero? Personally, I liked Vista before when it was screenshots of Longhorn. I liked the dark blue colour. I like aero, but I think the old design was better than glass. My computer can run Aero, but for those that can't, they get either a really ugly black interface or the old Windows Classic one.

In terms of appearance, what do you think is better - Vista or XP? I can't decide, but I know I'll be sticking with XP for a while, as I think paying for a computer with enhanced security and a glass interface (I know there's more) might seem a bit pricey at first.

What do you all think?

  Kate B 12:57 09 Dec 2006

I've seen it in action and Aero is lovely to look at. There are some nice features, too, including the bundled photo management software; and I like the much simpler way of launching programs. Going back to an XP machine after playing with Vista is a bit like a return to the days of steam.

  Genius1 13:35 09 Dec 2006

My opinion is that Vista is the best looking OS out there. XP does not look sleek or professional when compared to Vista, but we must remember that it's not just looks that count! Seeing past the amazing new interface, it's the real enhancements in security etc. that will be important for most people.

  Frosty120 16:07 09 Dec 2006

It amazes me when I boot up Windows 3.1 and think that I used to think it was cutting edge, my phone does more!
Then 95 was groundbreaking! I wondered how I ever got by without a start menu!
98 never seemed that different and Me and 2000 I always thought just had nice icons!

When I first saw screen shots of XP in a magazine, I was amazed! It looked revolutionary! Bright colours, gradient fills and smooth curves. The start menu has 2 columns the task bar auto hides and the OS even sends error reports for Microsoft to fix problems so you never crash again (!).

For all the stick it gets though, XP was ground breaking, not just for NTFS and stuff but for the visual feel, and Vista has the same appeal.

I'm really excited about using a flash drive as RAM, but come on most people will buy it on the strength of its looks not what it does. I wasn't impressed with 98, me and 2000 because they looked like 95! The more revolutionary it looks, the more revolutionary people think it will be!

And I think it looks great! Even if it isn't all to my personal taste.

  Coltch 12:40 11 Dec 2006

I agree with Kate B, after using Aero for a while, going back to XP is not the same.

I prefer the Vista interface to XP, but this has been the same since version 2 (yes I've used Windows that Long!) with windows 3 blowing away v2 in looks and other areas.

Will I upgrade upon release?, no I'll stick with RC2 until that expires then get either premium or Ultimate.

  Dinozzo 16:12 17 Dec 2006

A vast improvement for the next generation of generations to come. The finest example of the future has arived in the name of Vista. Smooth, Sleek and relaxing to use compared with the Fisher Price look of Windows XP, there is no comparission.

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