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  Forum Editor 16:20 17 Sep 2006

What's the general opinion of the RC1 version - do you like it, or is it something of a disappointment?

I'm interested in all aspects of the software, from its appearance to its functionality. This information may be used in a future magazine article, so if you don't want me to refer to you by name please say so in your post. Just copy and paste this into your text:


I might still use your comments, but I'll refer to you as 'a forum user'.

  Jimmy14 17:30 17 Sep 2006

I am very happy with Windows Vista RC1. I have found these aspects to be improved since previous builds,

1. Speech recognition- improved understanding of user commands since other builds I have tried.

2.Compatibility- I know vista is still a beta or release candidate but I have noticed that some programs I have tried to install on previous builds to no avail work on RC1.

I am dissapointed at Microsoft removing selected widgets from the 5536/5600 RC1 build of Vista which were present in previous builds e.g 5472.

Apart from some pop-ups telling me Windows Live messenger has stopped working when everything is working fine I am happy with RC1. Come on Vista!


  josie mayhem 17:43 17 Sep 2006

Yes I like it, very much... quite smitten in fact..

A very versitile OS, clean easy on the eye can actualy do quite a bit with it, with out having to purchase ssoftware to carry out basic funtions, i.e basic photo editing, DVD/CD burning...

But it has a very freash look to it, when navigating around you find that you get more details in window explorer, with showing where you started from and the route you've taken to get to the point you are at... very helpful....

Also I like the new start menu, all in one colum, a lot nicer and easier than having it spread over your desk top....

At the moment it is a bit of a hit and miss to what software will work, I think the compatiabilty wizard needs to be slightly easier to use, a bit confusing...

The only dissapointment I really have, is getting drivers that work from some vendors.... but hopefully this will improve the neraer it gets to Vista launch date.

  Forum Editor 18:10 17 Sep 2006

because hardware vendors take time to release updates when a new version of Windows is in the offing. When the full version of Vista is released things will improve.

When I installed RC1 on my new Toshiba laptop everything worked, except for a warning that a sound device needed a new driver (the sound was working perefectly). I visited the Vista update site, and sure enough, there was the updated driver. I downloaded and installed it, only to get a blue-screen crash. When I rebooted all was well, but Vista told me it had disabled the sound device (it hadn't) because of a driver incompatibility.

These irritations will tend to be resolved by launch-date.

  BurrWalnut 20:58 17 Sep 2006

I like it very much! The features I particularly like are :-
1.Ready Boost, which uses an external card for extra memory, e.g. a USB stick
2.Ability to shrink and extend partition sizes
3.Built-in DVD writer
4.Snipping tool from tablet PC
4.Built-in Memory Diagnostic Tool at Start, All Programs, Admin Tools

To cap it all I think the GUI is the best visual improvement since DOS 5/6 when the first 'shell' was introduced.

  Forum Editor 00:14 18 Sep 2006

I'll echo that. At last we have an interface that doesn't patronise the user in any way - quite superb.

  sunny staines 00:22 18 Sep 2006

if i could get the install to work i am sure i would like it, see my thread for the problem

  Coltch 12:05 18 Sep 2006

RC1 is a vast improvement over Beta 2.

The Good Parts

1) Clean Install is far quicker in RC1
2) Compatiblity has improved
3) OS is more responsive now

The Bad Parts

1) Driver support (especially X64)
2) Some XP programs refuse to start (hence dual booting)

Overall RC1 is far better than Beta2, it's now my main OS and only some programs not working has forced me to keep XP on a partition.

  Forum Editor 19:03 18 Sep 2006

Care to elaborate on that - which programs?

  powerless 20:53 18 Sep 2006

I’m not sure FE.

On one hand it has come along way since Beta 2 and feels great to play with. I would love to know how they got the install time down to around 20 minutes.
It’s a lot more responsive, definitely faster and compared to XP looks fantastic. As with anything new, Vista’s UI took a while to get used to but it has grown on me and it’s a pleasure to use. One thing that does throw me a little is when you have multiple Windows over one another [Title], gets a bit confusing here.

I only have 1GB of RAM and I did struggle to open anything with ease like in XP. Word, WMP, Opera, was pushing Vista, to a point where it became un-useable. Luckily a new PC is on the horizon next year so performance shouldn’t be a problem with new hardware.

Driver installation was easy as Vista would not detect my NIC and soundcard. Downloaded the soundcard drivers [for RC1 Vista] and I had sound. My NIC drivers, I couldn’t find any Vista drivers but used XP’s and they worked fine.

I’m not too concerned about some of my programs having trouble installing or just not working at all. As the main ones I use will [hopefully] get the Vista treatment, with a bit of luck before Vista launches. For any programs that fail to run when Vista RTM’s I’ll either find a Vista alternative or use VMware.

It’s good to see that there is at last decent backup software, that anyone should be able to use. I haven’t played with it that much but it seems great and user friendly.

UAC is what I think will be Vista’s downfall, they’ve certainly improved it but it just doesn’t seem right. I wish there was a “remember this option” whenever I change something and regularly.

I wish MS would have done a Beta 3 before RC1 but either way I’ll be getting it with a new PC….so it’s good but can only get better.

  De Marcus™ 22:18 18 Sep 2006

I'm convinced, it's a winner for me. Whilst I realise this operating system is still in a beta stage, MS have made great strides with it's development (albeit it took some time!). From the almost completely unusable longhorn to what we have now with RC1 is completely unrecognisable. The graphical interface is intuitive to use, everything is where it should be, new features seem to have been added in such a way that for an XP user are second nature to use. Networking appears to be smooth and simplified in comparison to XP, yet the geek in me wishes it wasn't!

The backup solution as previously mentioned seems comprehensive yet I've not had the time either to fully explore this.

Search operations are another matter entirely, whatever is searched for, appears instantly, no waiting, full stop, excellent.

The readyboost feature also appears to be useful, whilst I have no means of testing it, a 2gb flash drive certainly seems to increase general operation speed.

Ok, the downsides:

I don't like, in-fact despise cleartype, it does the opposite for me of what it's supposed to do, does it have to be enabled by default? Isn't it more sense to give the user a choice at a desktop configuration point of a fresh install?

I'm also not keen on the installed by default, seemingly 'extra large' icons used in control panel and on the desktop, etc, I value my screen estate and don't need it taken up by unneccesarily large icons.

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