WerFault and Windows 7

  luddite 14:43 24 Nov 2009

So I upgrade to Windows 7, Home Premium 64 bit from Vista 64

It all went well until I tried to open a 32 bit programme. IE 64 opens okay, but that’s it. If I open any 32 bit programme (and some of the management programmes) I get werfault.exe*32 in the processes in the task manager. This spirals out of control, it had got up to 7,000 open processes on one occasion.

I have opened in safe mode and everything starts fine.

I have disabled all services at startup in Msconfig, and all the programmes will open.

Any ideas?

Thanx in advance

  User-1229748 15:13 24 Nov 2009

try going to action center-maintenance-settings and change to each time a problem occurs ask me before checking solutions.

  gazzaho 10:00 25 Nov 2009

I googled your problem and found this article, it mentions insufficient free space as a possible cause and also using msconfig to determine which background program may be causing the problem have a read (click here)

  Technocrate 10:31 23 Apr 2010

Was this a "clean" install or an upgrade?

Werfault.exe is a Microsoft Windows program that is used for automated reporting of problems in the Windows operating system. Many times end-users will become confused and think that Werfault is a form of spy or malware and attempt to delete the program. Unfortunately, when Werfault.exe is deleted, it can cause significant errors with the operation of the Windows operating system on your computer. To minimize the number of times that Werfault.exe is run on your computer when programs crash, you can disable problem reporting in Windows to stop Werfault.exe from running.

Difficulty: Moderate

1. Step 1
Go to Start > Run,. ad type services.msc
2. Scroll down until you locate Windows Error Reporting service,. stop it,. and choose Disabled
3. This will not fix the craashing problem,. unless you upgraded.

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