Forum Editor 00:07 11 Sep 2006

to our new Windows Vista forum.

As launch date approaches their will be many people to whom the Vista experience is a closed book, and many more whom have downloaded and are using the public beta version.

The aim of this forum is to share experiences and discuss problems, so that people who install Vista have a pool of information on which to rely for help, should they experience difficulties. We did this when Microsoft released the Windows XP SP2 - our dedicated forum was a great success.

The Vista launch is currently slated for "early 2007" by Microsoft, and although that seems a long way off, the time will fly, and we thought we should prepare for it now. The new software will undoubtedly give rise to a million questions, and we'll see lots of them here. It should prove to be an interesting experience, and I for one look forward to it.

Feel free to post about your beta experience if you've downloaded that version - it's sure to help others who might still be making up their minds.

  lisa02 00:33 11 Sep 2006

thanks FE

  Strawballs 01:13 11 Sep 2006

I am interested in Vista so shall be "watching this space" as they say with interest.

  anskyber 09:27 11 Sep 2006

Thanks FE. Whilst I shall not be adopting Vista until sometime in late 2007 this forum will be invaluable as part of the learning process.

The Vista "activity" on the other forums certainly suggests that your decision is very well timed. I look forward to the excitement of the battle.

  ade.h 12:30 11 Sep 2006

I'm still waiting (im)patiently to get a copy of RC1, as I missed the boat for the Beta release. The website indicates that the registration system will open up to newcomers soon, but doesn't elaborate.

  wolfie3000 13:26 11 Sep 2006

It it really nessecary to have a vista forum yet as vista is still in beta?

Vista to me only means shelling out more money so i can play halo 2,

Windows XP still has a long run yet in it,
I cant understand the hype.

  anskyber 13:33 11 Sep 2006

Given that Vista is probably the most significant change in MS operating systems in years and there will be the usual run of problems I think the answer is very much a yes.

I am not into webdesign but I can see the need for a forum dealing with that issue. There is no compulsion to get Vista, stay (as many will) with XP. It will have a long life.

Yes it is out in Beta but it is only a few months away from shipping so I think the timing of the new forum is spot on.

  anskyber 17:55 12 Sep 2006

Please forgive my ignorance, can anyone tell me which "flavour" of Vista is included with RC1? Is it the "ultimate" version?

Sorry FE a slight hi-jack I think.

  Jimmy14 17:57 12 Sep 2006

yes its the ultimate version.

  anskyber 17:59 12 Sep 2006


  Forum Editor 18:12 12 Sep 2006

Actually, it may not be the 'ultimate version'.

It's a release candidate, which means exactly that - a candidate to be the release version. It's rare for the gold code to be exactly the same as the first release candidate, there are almost always some alterations to the final version.

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