Webcam problems.

  Temujen 10:29 11 Jul 2007

Hi all , new here so i hope you can help me.
Got a new computer with the dreaded Vista on it, im not a buff so didnt realise it was naff.
Also got a webcam...Logitech Quickcam Express vista basic compatable....guess what ...its not. Every time i try to use it it shuts down and kicks me off the net.
Ive contacted Microsoft and its a HP problem as they modified the system, HP says they dont support Quick cam despite thier own site showing that they do....Whats a bloke to do, apart from screaming HELP.
Is there anyway around this, i just want my webcam to work...please...with a cherry on top.

  anskyber 10:57 11 Jul 2007

Have you installed the Vista drivers? click here

  anskyber 11:00 11 Jul 2007

PS. How is it an HP problem, how have they "modified the system" ?

  Temujen 13:50 11 Jul 2007

I have downloaded from disc supplied...nothing.
I have done a clean reboot from start...nothing
I have gone onto the site that has been suggested and downloaded that ...nothing.

Everytime i use it myself its fine as long as i dont go online and offer it to anyone. If i do as ive already said it just shuts itself down and kicks me off the net.

In answer to the other question, when Vista was designed the chappie that designed it had a barney with Gates/microsoft and left. Microsoft new that it hadnt been tested fully and that there were major issues. HP was bought in to sell the product but the programming that Microsoft had installed was modified by HP so most of the drivers were useless. If you go online to HP's site here you can actually find the webcam concerned and it clearly shows that it is compatible with Vista basic, its on the machine as so. But when you talk to a live person they tell you that there is no issue from thier side so they cant help.

HP just installed a very cheap motherboard that was going to be a quick isnt. Vista is known all round the world as being the worst system and all because they didnt do proper field testing in the first place. They had to recoup some money so they launched. It was never ready for the market in the first place.

  Temujen 23:52 12 Jul 2007

Sorry to report but its still no go with the webcam though it did work for nearly 20 seconds before dumping me of the net....Ho! Hum!

  tullie 16:54 13 Jul 2007

And heres me thinking that Vista had been tested over the last couple of years,and that microsoft was responsible for developing other peoples software

  Temujen 22:00 13 Jul 2007

Not quite sure what your getting at. Ive contacted many computer experts, both in the high street shops and privately and non of them will touch it with a barge pole let alone sell it. If you go on to the microsoft website and im sorry but ive lost the actual address, there may still be a chap from Microsoft that answers the questions. As soon as you bring up certain aspects of Vista you get a stock reply....Please contact our legal department...anyway it still doesnt sort out my problem. so ill have to reinstall xp and start over again. Love to all.

  sinbads 17:17 16 Jul 2007

Have you tried uninstalling your webcam and driver , rebooting and letting vista find a its own driver?

  Temujen 18:24 16 Jul 2007

Sinbad, Yes Ive tried ebery permutation you can think of. I am now about to sacrifice a live chicken to the great god vista and hope that me a synic if you like but somehow i dont think it will work. But hey! they said man would never walk on Mars....Oh! they havent...well theres a thing.

Its interesting to note though that of all the billions of people that have read this thread, noone has actually come up with an answer that will work. Makes you think that maybe there isnt an answer cos the hardware doesnt recognise its own programing.

  sinbads 21:02 16 Jul 2007

Well i had the very same problem as you exept my webcam was a logitech pro 4000 the problem is logitech not providing a vista comp[atible driver even though they had plenty of time to do so.

I was told there were no drivers available for my product( not exactly an old product !!).

Now this is what i did to get it working First i removeed all the software and drivers, then loaded the software for the next model up but not the driver, i then found the latest driver for my webcam and saved to desktop,i then rebooted with webcam attached and then installed the driver i had saved. and it worked!!

Beleive me i know how frustrating it is

  Temujen 20:24 20 Jul 2007

Thanks for the info...peoblem is ive tried what you suggested but because there are so many webcams i cant find out which is the next one ill by your one and do what you did.
Not being au fait with this computer lark, how do you save the driver to desktop, when i tried it on the other one it didnt give me a choice ....Hold on ...I think the dawn is breaking...instead of pressing run I press save then to desktop...right...huh! old dogs new tricks indeed.
Thanks again.

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