Was this a legit Windows call?

  gazmix 12:11 10 Apr 2015


Just had a phonecall from a man who could hardly speak English saying that he was from Windows & saying my pc was badly infected with something malicious & that i should get in front of the pc & follow his rules. He told me to press the Windows button but i continually told him i didn't have one which he didn't understand & i ended putting the phone down?


  BT 12:18 10 Apr 2015

Short answer NO.

Think about it, how could Microsoft monitor EVERY PC in the world running Windows. Its a SCAM and you did the right thing in not falling for it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:57 10 Apr 2015

Very common scam

Microsoft will never call you on the phone

  lotvic 14:50 10 Apr 2015

Yes a SCAM to try to get access to your data on your pc via a Remote control program (Team Viewer and the like) and they would have pretended to find all sorts wrong and scam you into paying them to supposedly fix it and get you to pay for and sign up to a 'maintenance' agreement.

You may get more calls as they have your tele number.

Only thing you can do when you get one of these calls is tell them you don't have a pc and hang up. No point in trying to talk to them. They are Thieves.

  bumpkin 16:39 10 Apr 2015

A scam that has been going on for a long time, I am surprised that everyone is not aware of it by now. If you have nothing better to do then tell them that you have a special keyboard which does not require a Ctrl button. When they finally have to give up asking questions about it they will refer you to the Supervisor who will ask if you are sitting in front of your PC. I said no it is down the shed. They hung up. Or do what lotvic has suggested before foff.

  gazmix 21:04 10 Apr 2015

Many thanks. He kept telling me to find the Windows button & wouldn't have it when i said i didn't have one

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