W7 Laptop loses display settings

  skeletal 16:29 08 Aug 2011

I have a new Dell laptop running W7. The screen tint is far too blue and I have found the controls in the display section where I can modify the colours (and gamma etc).

I can adjust everything with no problems, but much to my annoyance, when I boot up again, all the settings have reverted back to the factory, too blue settings.

(I think that the settings even get lost if the laptop powers itself down through the various hibernate/sleeps etc; although I’m not that familiar with all of those options so am not sure.)

So, my question is how can I get W7 to remember these settings?


  chub_tor 21:05 08 Aug 2011

Stupid question but after making your changes you are saving them by clicking on Apply or OK aren't you?

  skeletal 10:41 09 Aug 2011

Not a stupid question, because it forced me to go through everything again to see what the various screens tell me to do.

At the end, there is not an “Apply” etc button like other screens; there is a “Previous calibration” and “Current calibration” button. You can use these to compare before and after settings. There are also two other buttons “Finish” and “Cancel”; clicking “Finish” exits with the new settings, and “Cancel” exits with the previous settings.

All this new playing about has actually shown up some interesting “features” that I did not know about, and may actually explain my problem.

When you first go into calibration you click through a few screens; at one screen change the colours change, the next screen shows the three sliders. These sliders are always fully to the right i.e. they have not remembered were I left them. This was the clearest indication to me that my setting had been lost.

BUT, what I now think happens is that it is the clicking though the screens that resets the colours such that the sliders end up fully to the right (which is still very irritating to me, but at least it is an explanation).

I also think that the reason the colours seem wrong at boot up (thus meaning I want to go to display to reset them) is that I’ve now noticed that the colours change during the first few minutes after switch on. And the viewing angle is EXTREMELY sensitive such that a slight twitch of an eye also dramatically changes the colours.

All in all, I don’t think it is a very good screen, but I’m not complaining too much as it is one of the cheapest Dells and its main purpose is document working away from my main computer (it would be utterly useless for photographic work).

So, thanks chub_tor, you have indirectly led me to the solution!


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