W7 32bit to 64bit

  Martin12 20:58 03 Dec 2011

I purchased a W7 32bit from Software4students and i would now like 64 bit. On their website it says this cannot be done , any ideas?

  rdave13 21:23 03 Dec 2011

You made a mistake and you can only purchase the 64-bit version from retail sellers, I think. One bite of the apple.

  a member 21:36 03 Dec 2011

your question is a bit vague, you do not state if you purchased upgrade or full version .also you did not say if the claims that it cannot be done, are because of liciencing issues (legality) or phisical properties of your PC. but to clarify a few points ,an upgrade version is just that ,it is designed to uppgrade from an earlier version of windows , its very specific ,and can only be used on one machine ,and must stay on that machine once registered . if you purchased a full version its capable of being installed on any PC you own ,but can only be used on one machine at any one time , basically it means you can install it on your new PC ,later you may intall it on another new PC (must be yours) but you must then remove it from the first one . the licience is non tranferable . a full version if purchased will contain both 32 and 64bit discs ,and the same key will work for either ,you may install either ,or both ,as long as only one can be used at any one time . keys are non specific for 32 or 64 bit . keys are however specific to versions .(home basic,pro,ultimate etc.) your pc must have a 64 bit processor to support a 64bit OS ,and you can run either system individually or dual boot on such a machine ,however if your PC has a 32bit processor you are limited to 32bit period. if your machine is 64bit capable ,you may want to ask Microsoft directly , they may be sympathetic and allow you to switch if you say you wanted 64bit but purchased 32bit by mistake ,they have a decent record ,of being helpful if you ask nicely.

  Martin12 21:40 03 Dec 2011

Mine was an upgrade version from Software4students - yes I got in wrong!

I have an Intel i5 processer.

  lotvic 21:44 03 Dec 2011

How to do it, there's plenty of info, google for: w7 using upgrade key for fresh clean install

download and burn your own DVD's from official .iso's scroll down to the English(USA) W7 with SP1 U (media refresh). Note that x86 means it is 32bit and x64 is the 64bit version http://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/14-windows-7-direct-download-links

  a member 21:49 03 Dec 2011

look her http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows7/32-bit-and-64-bit-Windows-frequently-asked-questions ,microsoft says its ok ,you will need a legit 64bit upgrade disc ,and its a bit more involved .but it does work ok .

  rdave13 21:55 03 Dec 2011


Be careful what you do as the versions for students vary somewhat to ordinary OEMs and retail discs for obvious reasons. Try lotvic's suggestion and see if it works. If you have less than 4 GBs of ram then not worth the hassle.

  lotvic 22:36 03 Dec 2011

The versions for students DO NOT vary somewhat to ordinary W7 DVD's. It's the product key that says what version to install.

Student download is FPP not upgrade media even tho its marketed and advertised as an 'upgrade'.

The reason you can't run the upgrade install from within XP is because MS didn't program it to. You have to do a 'custom' install which is MS's wording for 'clean install' meaning you have to boot from the W7 DVD and overwrite/format the prior installation.

If using an Upgrade product key, do not activate during the install, Do the activation AFTER you have done all the updates from microsoft

Ditto the reason you can't install 64bit from within a 32bit Windows (MS didn't program it to do that)



  rdave13 22:44 03 Dec 2011

lotvic, I stand corrected. Just what an OU 'student' related to me.

  lotvic 23:13 03 Dec 2011

okay, you can sit down now.... and tell that student to do his/her homework ;-)

  rdave13 23:20 03 Dec 2011

lotvic :)

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