W 7 and dual boot niggles.

  john bunyan 16:48 29 Nov 2009

Have 3 partitions, C (W7) D (XP) and F (data). Hoping to ditch XP when all testing done. Problems so far: 1. If Xp launched, it deletes all restore points in W7.One fix is to use Bitlocker on W7 but apparently my motherboard /BIOS does not support it. A reg edit has yet to be tried. 2. Twain drivers for W7 64 bit not available for my Canon MP760 - hope they work on a MP640 as the WIA interface is not flexible. Still cannot get W7 to use more than 3 out of 4 Gig RAM - hope this will improve when XP is ditched as the start up, I suspect , limits the amount usable. 3. My motherboard does not , apparently, support the XP emulation mode, so I have not downloaded it, even though I have W 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Using PC Tools firewall, Avira anti virus plus SAS and Malawarebytes, so far so good. Any quick fix for restore points problem - any other dual booters having the same prob?

  ambra4 17:06 29 Nov 2009

“If XP launched, it deletes all restore points in W7”

Take a read it might help

click here

  john bunyan 17:56 29 Nov 2009

Thanks, butcould not find this issue there. The MS site knows about it and there is a regedit, but I have et to try it. Just wondered if other dual booters with XP and W7 have found this problem.

  keverne 18:24 29 Nov 2009

I had to edit the registry when installing W7 to dual boot with XP on my netbook and it did stop restore points from being deleted.

  john bunyan 09:11 30 Nov 2009

Thanks - did you do the MS edit, or another?

  keverne 13:23 30 Nov 2009

I followed the instructions detailed in KB926185
click here

  john bunyan 14:18 30 Nov 2009

Thanks, will try it. In the meantime relying on ATI 2010 imaging on W7 - maybe will try their continuous back ups.

  Zeppelyn 15:53 30 Nov 2009

This is not a new problem with Win 7, it also occurs when dual booting with Vista, its down to different disk structuresthat XP cannot recognise. The downside of the registry edit is that you will not be able to access the Win 7 partition from XP. As you suggest the best option is to use True Image for regular back ups until you ditch XP.

Before you erase XP make sure the required boot files are not deleted, these will be on the system drive, they are bootmgr and a folder named Boot.

  john bunyan 17:16 30 Nov 2009

Thanks for your advice - I also hope that my 4 gig RAM will be usable when XP goes; at the moment ,even on W 7 64 bit, only 3 Gig is usable, and I really can't - for a relatively short period - worry about fiddling with the BIOS

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